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Record Review: Altered Images – Bring Me Closer UK 12″

Altered Images: Bring Me Closer – UK – 12″ [1983] Bring Me Closer [extended version] Surprise Me 1983 brought with it many changes as the New Wave/Post-Punk and even New Pop trends of 1981 began to mutate in an increasingly … Continue reading

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Record Review: Iggy Pop – The Idiot US CD [part 3]

[…continued from last post] Unlike the Bowie cover, the original “China Girl”cuts in on the “one” with only a split second before Pop began singing. None of the cod-orientalism [courtesy of producer Nile Rodgers] of the Bowie cover was present … Continue reading

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Record Review: The Photos – Crystal Tips + Mighty Mice [part 2]

[…continued from last post] Speaking of strong songs, “Kill That Girl” began with a evasive minor key intro only to blossom upon the first chorus into a vibrant Motown pastiche complete with a buoyant James Jamerson bass line and perky … Continue reading

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Record Review: Adam Ant – Apollo 9

Adam Ant: Apollo 9 UK 7″ [1984] Apollo 9 [Blast Off Mix] 3:24 B-Side Baby 4:47 When Adam disbanded The Ants and went solo in 1982 he still had a strong grip on the UK top 10. Two of the … Continue reading

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David Bowie Memory Palace [part 42]

2016 [continued] From the very first listen, the title song from “Lazarus” [which was the only of the four new songs of that production on this album] made a large impact. The song’s descending hook [complete with a contrapuntal, vertiginous ascending … Continue reading

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David Bowie Memory Palace [part 37]

2011 – 2012 Nothing happened. 2013 On January 8, 2013 – David Bowie’s 65th birthday, all media hell broke loose as the seemingly vanished star released a video as a precursor to a new album. “Where Are We Now” was … Continue reading

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Want List: Stephen Emmer – International Blue

As night follows day, just a day after posting about John Foxx, I just got a tip from commenter Nick that Midge Ure has come out of his fox[x]hole! An article in today’s Radio Times reveals that Ure has another … Continue reading

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