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Cherry Red Issuing New Musik 4xCD Box With All Three Albums + More

We’ve always got time for New Musik; Tony Mansfield’s enormously appealing Technopop project that happened at just the right time in the ’79-’82 period, where analog synths were jostling up against new digital technologies like sampling to give him a … Continue reading

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a-ha’s “Hunting High & Low” Represented Late-Blooming Synthpop Getting In Under The Wire

Anyone old enough probably remembers first hearing Norway’s top band a-ha. It was on one of my “dead-of-night” MTV aircheck videotapes where I first saw the video that changed everything for the band. But it didn’t stay in graveyard rotation … Continue reading

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Record Review: New Musik – From A To B [part 2]

[…continued from previous post] The title seemed sort of cribbed from Brian Eno, but “Dead Fish [Don’t Swim Home]” perhaps owed more to the arch pop strategist than its title. The extended intro was all based on backwards synth tapes … Continue reading

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Record Review: New Musik – From A To B

New Musik: From A To B NL CD [1994] Straight Lines Sanctuary A Map Of You Science On Islands This World Of Water Living By Numbers Dead Fish (Don’t Swim Home) Adventures The Safe Side Missing Persons She’s A Magazine Sad … Continue reading

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New Wave MVP: Tony Mansfield

Having just discussed New Musik, how can I not think of Tony Mansfield, who parlayed his stewardship of that fine band into a reasonably lucrative production career. I have many of his “core curriculum” productions on the racks in the … Continue reading

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Record Review: New Musik – Straight Lines

New Musik: Straight Lines – US 10″ [1980] Straight Lines On Islands Living By Numbers  Sad Films I’ve alluded as to how US record labels resorted to gimmicks like low priced samplers and the like to help flog all of … Continue reading

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The Photos

Yesterday I was writing about UK acts of the late 80s that were influenced by Blondie. I didn’t mention the huge wave of acts contemporary with Blondie that owed their very existence [or at least their contract] to the New … Continue reading

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