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It’s 34 Years later – What’s Still Not On CD? [part 3]

[continued from previous post] Yesterday was C-F on the list of album still wanted on CD format…before it’s too late!   RED = I have already made a CD of this. GREEN = awaiting remastering in my Media Empire Room. BLUE = I still need to … Continue reading

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CD A Week Project: #16

Various: REVO Premaster 16 CD-R [2012] The Imposter: Pills + Soap The Imposter: Pills + Soap [Ext.] Age Of Chance: Kiss Age Of Chance: Crash Conscious Age Of Chance: Kiss [Collision Cut] Captain Sensible: Wot [Ext.] Captain Sensible: Happy Talk The … Continue reading

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Record Review: The Headboys – The Shape Of Things To Come

The Headboys: The Shape Of Things To Come UK [1979] The Shape of Things To Come The Mood I’m In Ah, yes, The Headboys. I remember them well. This was a single that I happened to hear on FM Rock … Continue reading

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