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Record Review: Rachel Sweet – “Fool Around” GER. CD

Rachel Sweet: Fool Around – GER – DLX RM CD [1991] B-A-B-Y I Go To Pieces Who Does Lisa Like? Wildwood Saloon Stay Awhile Suspended Animation Sad Song It’s So Different Here Cuckoo Clock Strager In The House Pin A … Continue reading

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Record Review: Department S – Going Left Right

Department S: Going Left Right UK 7″ [1981] Going Left Right She’s Expecting You Here’s a fantastic record from the summer of 1981. Discogs claims that it was released on June 19th, 1981 – making it 38 years and a … Continue reading

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Record Review: Jona Lewie – On The Other Hand, There’s A Fist DLX RM

Jona Lewie: On The Other Hand, There’s A Fist DLX RM UK CD [2007] The Baby, She’s On The Street Laughing Tonight Bang-A-Lang-A-Boom-Er-Rang-Man The Fairground Ride On The Road Vous Et Moi I’ll Get By In Pittsburgh Bureaucrats Hallelujah Europa … Continue reading

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A Young Person’s Guide To: “On The Other Hand, There’s A Fist”

It was some time in 1981, I think, when my friend chasinvictoria [who had moved away to Atlanta for a bit] send me a tape letter with Jona Lewie among the many bits of music to enthuse over. The first … Continue reading

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Record Review: Yello – Bostich EP

YELLO: Bostich EP US EP [1981] Bostich [dance mix] She’s Got A Gun [instrumental version 2] Downtown Samba Daily Disco After listening to Yellow Magic Orchestra what else to follow but Yello? I was an early convert to the Church … Continue reading

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Record Review: Dave Stewart + Barbara Gaskin – It’s My Party

Dave Stewart + Barbara Gaskin: It’s My Party CAN 12″ [1982] It’s My Party Waiting In The Wings When I went to college, I spent long hours in the library, which was as good as the internet, in that day … Continue reading

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Small Five Inch [Record]: Jona Lewie – Big Shot [Momentarily]

The late 70s saw the leap from 7″ to 12″ singles for club play. But there were more leaps of format to be made; many not so widely adopted by the labels. Stiff Records deserves some credit for bringing back … Continue reading

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