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CD A Week Project: #15

Various: REVO Premaster 15 CD-R [2012] Shake: Culture Shock Shake: Glasshouse Shake: Dream On Shake: [But] Not Mine Shake: Invasion Of The Gamma Men Shake: Night By Night Jo Callis: Woah Yeah Jo Callis: Sinistrale Jo Callis: Dodo Boys Stephen … Continue reading

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Record Review: Stephen Duffy – Baby Impossible 12″

A danger of the internet is that it can make a life’s worth of knowledge accrued outdated with the click of a mouse. At one point, I thought I had a reasonably thorough Stephen Duffy collection. There were a few … Continue reading

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Those First Impressions: The Hawks [Stephen Duffy] Debut Single

I first encountered Stephen Duffy when I saw his “The Ups + Downs” CD staring at me haughtily in the import bins ca. 1985 in the Peaches record store I shopped at. He looked like the cat that ate the … Continue reading

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