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A Young Person’s Guide To “Say The Word”

Today we’ll look at the North American single by Arcadia that came out after “So Red the Rose” and was a rare example of Arcadia [on EMI and Capitol worldwide] being farmed out to do soundtrack duty on a rival … Continue reading

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Collecting Lene Lovich Marginalia [part 1]

I’ve already looked into the early pre-history of the iconic Lene Lovich. There’s a lot more where that came from if we instead turn our attention to, let’s say, the year 1978 when she was signed to Stiff Records. She’s … Continue reading

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80s Soundtrack Week: Wednesday – “Better Off Dead” US CD

Well, It’s Wednesday and it time for…another 80s soundtrack from A+M Records. I swear that I didn’t plan it that way, but it’s just how it’s panning out. Today’s soundtrack was initially the one I wanted to write about; before … Continue reading

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80s Soundtrack Week: Tuesday – “Party Party” GER CD

Today’s album came from much earlier in the decade and came from a completely different mindset. Instead of US teens living in the “alternative music” scene of the mid-80s, our next soundtrack was from a British holiday comedy about a … Continue reading

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80s Soundtrack Week: Monday – “Pretty In Pink” US CD

I was going to talk about one of the records coming up this week, then I realized that it had been a bit since I had run a Theme Week here @ PPM and figured that I could work this … Continue reading

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Record Review: Logan Sky Soundtracks His Own Video Game with “Sacred Runes”

Logan Sky: Scared Runes – DL [2020] All Was Lost 00:27 Sacred Runes (theme) 01:16 Homelands 01:53 Cursed 00:38 Cave Ambience 00:34 Forest Spawns 00:25 Venture 00:47 Rivershrine 00:29 Labyrinthene 01:33 Tyler’s House 00:32 The Fall 01:10 Cave Encounter 01:18 … Continue reading

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Raiding The “Ice Box” – Planning An Icehouse BSOG [part 3]

1983 brought a new Icehouse album made with the same band that had toured the previous album, which had been made without them, deep in Keith Forsey’s laboratory. After an album of glossy, synthesizer atmospherics, this one took a half … Continue reading

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