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Record Review: Midge Ure – The Gift DLX RM [part 1]

I have written extensively about my complex relationship to the art of Midge Ure. I have alluded to how his 1985 solo single, “If I Was” was perhaps the record second only to David Bowie’s “Let’s Dance,” for the greatest … Continue reading

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30 Days: 30 Albums | Danny Elfman – So-Lo

This was an album that I had bought on LP when it had come out and I quickly ditched it in the Great Vinyl Purge; figuring [rightly] that I would get it on CD later. What I didn’t know at … Continue reading

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Record Review: Stan Ridgeway – The Big Heat

Stan Ridgeway: The Big Heat GER. CD [1986] The Big Heat Pick It Up (And Put It In Your Pocket) Can’t Stop The Show Pile Driver Walkin’ Home Alone Drive She Said Salesman Twisted Camouflage Rio Greyhound I was an … Continue reading

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Boris Blank Not Sitting On His Hands, Either!

As night follows day, I realized that if Dieter Meier was creating extra-Yello projects, what was to stop the other half of the Yello partnership from following suit? I thought that I’d better check up on Boris Blank. As it … Continue reading

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30 Days: 30 Albums | Dave Gahan – Hourglass

After 1991, I went off of Depeche Mode. Unlike many former bands of my collection, my disengagement with them had nothing to do with machine-like house mixes of vapid redundancy. I bought every disc I saw that had something unique … Continue reading

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