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Want List: Robert Palmer BSOG of Complete Island Albums UK 9xCD

We were slow to acknowledge the many charms of Robert Palmer at first. In 1978, when he got his first US Top 40 hits on his ’78/’79 albums with “Every Kinda People” and “Bad Case Of Loving You” I thought … Continue reading

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Record Review: Robert Palmer – Clues EURO CD

Robert Palmer: Clues EURO CD [1991] Looking For Clues Sulky Girl Johnny + mary What Do You Care I Dream Of Wires Woke Up Laughing Not A Second Time Found You Now I had a strange approach to Robert Palmer. … Continue reading

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New Wave MVP: Guy Pratt

This morning I was listening to my favorite Icehouse album and it reminded me that I’ve needed to look more closely at the career of bass player Guy Pratt in a way that I have been meaning to do for … Continue reading

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Song Of The Day: Robert Palmer – You Are In My System

Robert Palmer: You Are In My System US 12″ [1983] You Are In My System [12″ remix] Deadline It’s been a long time since there was a legit Song of the Day. Usually, whatever project I am working on has … Continue reading

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REDUX: Book Review: In The Pleasure Groove | Love, Death + Duran Duran – John Taylor

November 7, 2012 I was dimly aware the ex-Duran guitarist Andy Taylor had written an autobio several years ago, but did I really want to hear the story of Andy “coke-face” Taylor? I never really liked his guitar playing in … Continue reading

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Steel Cage Match: Bryan Ferry VS Robert Palmer

Sure, sure! Bryan Ferry and Robert Palmer invariable get compared to one another, what with their love of R&B, harmonica solos and immaculately tailored suits. I enjoy many recordings of both artistes, and have missed Palmer since his untimely death … Continue reading

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Record Review: Cristina – Sleep It Off [part 3]

[Continued from previous post] Following the murmuring crowd at the end of “He Dines Out On Death,” the program of bonus material added to the CD re-issue of “Sleep It Off” begins. Given that the artist spent over a score … Continue reading

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