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Richard H. Kirk: 1956-2021

I just got the terrible news that Richard H. Kirk of Cabaret Voltaire had died today when Gavin Brick informed me a few hours ago. It’s always saddening to see a favorite musician die, but we really needed Kirk, especially … Continue reading

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After Teasing For Several Years, Cabaret Voltaire Are Back, Back, BACK…Just In Time For The Real ‘Crackdown’

There were few bands I was more avidly buying every one of their many releases in the early to mid 80s than Cabaret Voltaire. When all bands around me were decaying, Cabaret Voltaire only moved from strength to strength. Their … Continue reading

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A Young Person’s Guide To: Cabaret Voltaire – Drinking Gasoline/Gasoline In Your Eye

It was sometime in 1984 that I crossed over from being interested in Sheffield’s pioneering Cabaret Voltaire to being obsessed with them. The spark that pushed me over the edge was seeing their brain-melting video for “Sensoria” on “Night Flight” … Continue reading

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