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Andrew Poppy’s “Ark Hive Of A Live” Box Curates 40 Years Of Unreleased Live Recordings

This one was trying to sneak by, but I noticed it as a future release in my Discogs feed and it’s of great interest, so it’s being shared today. Modern musician Andrew Poppy has curated a lovely box of 18 … Continue reading

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Big Ears Roundup [part 6]

[…continued from last post] Richard Thompson + The Knoxville Symphony Orchestra: Repertoire Having seen the dour first half of the show, I would have imagined that the second half might have been a lot lighter in tone. Thompson quipped words … Continue reading

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You Must Attend Nik Bärtsch’s RONIN: Free TONIGHT In Sarasota

Gott Im Himmell! We just saw ECM artists Nik Bärtsch’s RONIN play at the Big Ears Festival on Sunday and their only other US show [the rest this year are in Europe] will take place tonight from 8:00-9:30 p.m. at … Continue reading

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