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Record Review: Head Noise – Uber-Fantastique UK CD/DL

Head Noise have followed in the footsteps of Der Plan, who are the only other band who’d perform live with microwave oven headgear! Last spring, Mitchell Tennant, the vocalist of the Welsh New Wave Art/Punk band Head Noise sent me … Continue reading

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Book Week – Matteo Torcinovich: Outside The Lines; Lost Photographs Of Punk & New Wave’s Most Iconic Albums

Today’s book was something I found remaindered last year that was an immediate hands-down “buy this book!” moment. Exceedingly rare are the volumes that I have bought instead of sold off in the last 20 years,but this one was strongly … Continue reading

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I Was A Token New Waver…

I’ve written in the past about the curious phenomenon of False New Wave®, which got pretty rampant during the salad days of the trend. We were treated to the spectacle of rawk stars a generation older adopting the colorful plumage … Continue reading

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30 Days: 30 Albums | The Faint – Danse Macabre

I first heard of The Faint when they were paired with Ladytron on their 2009 tour of The States. I was all over Ladytron with a name like that, so I didn’t miss too many of their moves over the … Continue reading

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Record Review: Lene Lovich – Bird Song

Lene Lovich: Bird Song UK 12″ [1979] Bird Song Too Tender To Touch [Roger Bechirian remix] Trixie This is a record that completely rocked my world at the time of its release and betcha-by-golly-wow, it hasn’t ebbed yet in my … Continue reading

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New Wave Compilations: Best Of 12″ Synth Gold

Various: Best Of 12″ Synth Gold UK [1990] Thompson Twins: Love On Your Side [ext.] Blancmange: Living On The Ceiling [ext.] Heaven 17: Play To Win [ext. ver.] Visage: Mind Of A Toy [ext. ver.] Japan: Life In Tokyo [“Assemblage” … Continue reading

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Record Review: The Epoxies – Stop The Future

The Epoxies: Stop The Future US CD [2005] Radiation This Day Synthesized Robot Man Wind Me Up Everything Looks Beautiful On Video Stop The Future Struggle Like No Other No Interest You Kill Me At The Seams It’s You Toys … Continue reading

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