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The ‘Blue Monday’ Ripoffs

It was almost 31 years prior to the day when  the seminal New Order single “Blue Monday” was initially released. The 12″ sporting a floppy disc inspired sleeve was issued by Factory on March 3, 1983 and once it hit … Continue reading

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CDV Review: New Order – True Faith

I quickly adopted all kinds of optical disc technology by the mid 80s. My first CD player was purchased in 1985, and two years later, I finally made the plunge into the specialist laserdisc format of home video, which I’d … Continue reading

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Saint or Sinner? The Stephen Hague Problem

I’m a bit conflicted on the subject of producer Stephen Hague. I seem to have many of his productions in the Record Cell and at first I had no negativity associated with his name on a record. I first heard … Continue reading

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New Wave Compilations: A Young Persons Guide To “From Brussels With Love”

It was at some point probably in 1983, that I was in Crunchy Armadillo Records and chanced to see a cassette that looked unique enough to actually peruse. This was probably the second pre-recorded cassette I ever bought, following B.E.F.’s … Continue reading

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CD-3 Files: New Order – Touched By The Hand Of God

New Order: Touched By The Hand Of God JPN CD-3 [1988] Touched By The Hand Of God [7] Touched By The Hand Of Dub [7] I remember the late 80s introduction of 3″ CD singles vividly. The first one I … Continue reading

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Seminal Single: New Order – Blue Monday

Is there a better embodiment the phrase “form follows function” than with the iconic Peter Saville sleeve for New Order’s 1983 single “Blue Monday?” Apparently, Saville was meeting with the band when he saw them using a floppy disc to … Continue reading

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