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Record Review: A Certain Ratio – “Sextet” UK LP [part 2]

[…continued from last post] Next came an even deeper dive into Brazillian Jazz with “Skipscada.” The trilling whistles did not let up throughout the song. In fact, they only intensified as the scatting vocal and the percolating rhythms built up … Continue reading

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Record Review: A Certain Ratio – “Sextet” UK LP [part 1]

A Certain Ratio: Sextet – UK – [white] LP – [2020] Lucinda Crystal Gum Knife Slits Water Skipscada Say One Run Down Rialto Below The Canal This was certainly an unexpected surprise. Sunday was my birthday, and on Saturday night, … Continue reading

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Record Review: Renegade Soundwave – Biting My Nails US CD5

Renegade Soundwave: Biting My Nails US CD5 [1989] Biting My Nails Biting My Nails [instrumental club mix] Cocaine Sex Kray Twins I first heard Renegade Soundwave back in 1987 [I believe] on an episode of the British TV program Snub … Continue reading

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30 Days: 30 Albums | Suicide – Suicide DLX DM

I’ve been aware of Suicide since 1978 or so. They got mentioned in the scant articles I read in the mainstream news press about this whole “New Wave Phenomenon.” Maybe it was Time or Newsweek. Possibly even Parade Magazine. All … Continue reading

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Record Review: Wire – The Ideal Copy

Wire: The Ideal Copy UK CD [1987] Point Of Collapse Ahead Madman’s Honey Feed Me Ambitious Cheeking Tongues Still Shows Over Theirs Ahead (II) A Serious Of Snakes Drill Advantage In Height Up To The Sun Ambulance Chasers Feed Me(II) … Continue reading

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A Young Person’s Guide To Cabaret Voltaire [The Short Form]

Cabaret Voltaire: #7885: Electropunk To Technopop UK CD [2014] Do The Mussolini [Headkick] The Set Up Nag Nag Nag On Every Other Street Silent Command Kneel To The Boss Seconds Too Late Landslide Breath Deep Just Fascination [7″] Crackdown [Radio … Continue reading

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Cabaret Voltaire All Tied Up With A Pretty Bow

Cabaret Voltaire: #8385 Collected Works UK 6xCD+2xDVD [2013] Disc 1 – Micro-Phonies Do Right The Operative Digital Rasta Spies In The Wires Theme From Earthshaker James Brown Slammer Blue Heat Sensoria Disc 2 – Drinking Gasoline Kino Sleepwalking Big Funk … Continue reading

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