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Jan Linton + Matthew Seligman Have A Dazzling New EP In “King Hong”

As we discussed the new Steven Jones + Logan Sky album yesterday, where Jan Linton enhanced the program on several tracks with his stellar eBow stylings [as well as his Zhongruan playing], it seemed like the perfect time to catch … Continue reading

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Jan Linton Reissues DLX RM of “Sendai” EP As Tribute To Matthew Seligman

Jan Linton + Matthew Seligman: Sendai 仙台 Special Extended Edition 2020 CD [2020] Sendai #1 Earth Sendai #2 Radio Sandai #3 Message Sendai #4: Plant/Metal Sendai Plant/Metal Extended Radio [Matthew’s remix] Back in April when we sadly lost Matthew Seligman; … Continue reading

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Post-Punk MVP – Matthew Seligman: 1955-2020

Seligman was exceptionally active in the UK Post-Punk scene when it mattered most before becoming a lawyer in recent years Damn it, COVID-19 has claimed another musician who was all over my Record Cell, and as my friend JT suggested, … Continue reading

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Record Review: Jan Linton – I Actually Come Back DLX ED

Jan Linton With Leo Abrahams: I Actually Come Back/Buddha Machine Music – Hong Kong – CD + CD-3 [2017] Disc 1: I Actually Come Back [Jansongs 011] Kindness [overture] I actually Come Back [remix] Joy [radio version] The Kindness of … Continue reading

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