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Moogfest 2014: Thursday, 4-24-14

Kraftwerk – Synthpop Pioneers – Set 1 I’d last seen Kraftwerk in 1998 in Chicago and that was before they had re-tooled their presentation for 3D, so this would be interesting to see, if nothing else. I was curious also … Continue reading

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Finest Remixes [part 3]

We are all about the glory of 12″ mixes that spur us on to experiment with the often flawed, mongrel art form. Ah, but at their best, they lift us up onto rarefied planes of splendor! Here are several more … Continue reading

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Moogfest 2014 Grabs Biggest Fish In Synthpop Pond

Yesterday, The Monk, who’s not a gambling man, bought a ticket to Moogfest 2014 while they were still $200. Today the headliners were announced, and the ticket price increased by 50%. Having attended and enjoyed the program last year under … Continue reading

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New Kraftwerk Residency in US

Last week the emails and text messages went into overdrive when word about the new Kraftwerk residency hit the web. At first, it seemed as if the 3D residency concerts were a once-in-a-continent event, but as time marches on, so … Continue reading

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REDUX: The Sliding Scale of Eurokase – European Technopop From The Ridiculous To The Sublime

January 13, 2011 This type of  in-depth analysis is better suited as an information graphic. Sorry to be so behind in posting but we’ve been snowed in here for almost a week and I have tried to only blog when … Continue reading

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REDUX: Three Seminal Singles – Number 2

October 1, 2010 I grew up loving the sound of keyboards. When I was a child, this meant electric organs were it for me. Even though it was a few years old when I started listening to pop music, Question … Continue reading

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30 Days: 30 Albums | Karl Bartos – Off The Record

Twenty years ago, Karl Bartos released one of the last contemporary albums that I could pick as “favorite of the year” way back when when ye olde Monk was still keeping up with current stuff. When the desire to keep … Continue reading

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