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Record Review: Elektric Music – Crosstalk GER CD5

Elektric Music: Crosstalk GER CD5 [1992] Crosstalk Intercomix Baby Come Back Context can change everything. In 1981, Kraftwerk released what is largely considered the last of their “imperial period” albums. Then, the progress of this most progressive of bands seemed … Continue reading

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Rock GPA: Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark [part 35]

[continued from previous post] After the “Sugar Tax” campaign played out,  1992 and 1993 came along and in the spring of the latter year came new and unexpected McCluskey activity. I forgot exactly where I first caught wind of the … Continue reading

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30 Days: 30 Albums | Karl Bartos – Off The Record

Twenty years ago, Karl Bartos released one of the last contemporary albums that I could pick as “favorite of the year” way back when when ye olde Monk was still keeping up with current stuff. When the desire to keep … Continue reading

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Karl Bartos: Atomium Video Now Online

KARL BARTOS: ATOMIUM – THE FILM from KARL BARTOS on Vimeo. The full video for the new Karl Bartos single is online and since I am under the gun today, that will have to pass for a blog post. Please … Continue reading

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Want List: Karl Bartos – Atomium

Recently, I was taking a hard look at Kraftwerk and the diminished legacy that the last 30 years has left them with.  I pointed out in my series of posts that Karl Bartos was far more successful on his own … Continue reading

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Where Kraftwerk Went Wrong… [part 3]

In the course of the first two installments of this posting, we’ve reviewed several factors that look to have been Kraftwerk’s undoing. An autocratic leader who alienated his cohorts Blindsided by sampling technology Digital technology’s ability to exercise complete control … Continue reading

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Where Kraftwerk Went Wrong… [part 2]

Yesterday we were examining the creative pitfalls that Kraftwerk, their genius notwithstanding, fell into. So far, their snags amounted to clinical digital synthesis/sampling, and overcooking the musical pot with Hütter’s penchant for favoring absolute control over creative play. The latter … Continue reading

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