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Unnamed Jo Callis Project Gets Greenlighted!

On Saturday, I crossed a line in the sand! In a move that doesn’t happen every day, I obtained the final piece of a special Jo Callis puzzle. I now have everything he’s released outside of The Rezillos and the Human … Continue reading

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It’s 35 Years later – What’s Still Not On CD? [part 8]

The last post on this thread was just more S titles [not surprising] on the list of album still wanted on CD format…before it’s too late! Don’t worry. I’m almost done with this thread. It shocks me how much has been … Continue reading

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Scarcity vs. Ubiquity: The Rise And Fall Of Synthpop [part 4]

The Human League entered 1981 with a handicap. Manager Bob Last had engineered a split between the actual musical portions of the group [who went on to form the British Electric Foundation and Heaven 17] and its singer and visual … Continue reading

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Zero Hour! Rezillos Return To North America

Exactly one year ago today, I posted about the imminent new Rezillos album due out last year. Well, while I had tumbled down the Simple Minds rabbit hole, the world continued to spin. The new album, “Zero,” was released on … Continue reading

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CD A Week Project: #15

Various: REVO Premaster 15 CD-R [2012] Shake: Culture Shock Shake: Glasshouse Shake: Dream On Shake: [But] Not Mine Shake: Invasion Of The Gamma Men Shake: Night By Night Jo Callis: Woah Yeah Jo Callis: Sinistrale Jo Callis: Dodo Boys Stephen … Continue reading

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Record Review: Shake 10″ EP

Shake: Shake UK 10″ [1979] Culture Shock Glass House Dream On [But] Not Mine About 18 months ago, I detailed a brace of Rezillos side projects that I still needed to get into the Record Cell. It wasn’t too much … Continue reading

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Rezillomania!: The Periphery of Collecting The Rezillos/Revillos ca. 1980-1982

I deeply love the Scottish band The Rezillos… who eventually turned into the Revillos… and then back again over the course of 30+ years. Know ye, that they released the first indie punk single in Scotland with “I Can’t Stand … Continue reading

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