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Steel Cage Match: KMFDM vs …The Osmonds?

Until the mid 90s, I had a penchant for, shall we say, industrial rock sounds. I was such a fan of Cabaret Voltaire, who were the reason I put up with so many also ran bands. No other acts gave … Continue reading

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Laibach Crowdsource North American Tour [already in progress]

And now for something completely different… Laibach, the Slovenian masters of low-hertz rumble and a powerfully Post-Modern take on Eastern Slash Western politics all set to an insanely juiced up visual and aural take on nationalistic propaganda such as to … Continue reading

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Record Review: Trevor Jackson Presents Metal Dance – Industrial/Post Punk/EBM Classics + Rarities/80-88

Various: Trevor Jackson Presents Metal Dance – Industrial/Post Punk/EBM Classics + Rarities/80-88 GER 2xCD [2012] Disc 1 Bubblemen, The – The Bubblemen Are Coming 400 Blows – Pressure (Club Pressure) Cabaret Voltaire – Seconds Too Late Neon – Voices Pete Shelley … Continue reading

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A Young Person’s Guide To: Cabaret Voltaire – Drinking Gasoline/Gasoline In Your Eye

It was sometime in 1984 that I crossed over from being interested in Sheffield’s pioneering Cabaret Voltaire to being obsessed with them. The spark that pushed me over the edge was seeing their brain-melting video for “Sensoria” on “Night Flight” … Continue reading

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