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Scooped! When Personal CD Projects Get Superseded By Real Labels [part 3]

[…continued from last past] So the brief here was to discuss CDs I have made through great effort for my simulated label, that eventually actually get made by real labels. This was a weird phenomenon where there are no easy … Continue reading

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Darker. Weirder. Cooler. Heaven 17 Are Playing The First Two Human League Albums in 2020!

Gott Im Himmel! Chasinvictoria just sent this notice to me yesterday. It appears that the gloves are off. Heaven 17 are fully stepping into the breach left by the now moribund Human League and performing a pair of one-off [two-off?] … Continue reading

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How Does the New Heaven 17 BSOG Compare To My Attempt?

Heaven 17 fans have been abuzz in the period where the blog was inactive lately! But that didn’t stop the world from spinning or the comments to pile up elsewhere. But it’s true! Demon Records Group are releasing a 10xCD … Continue reading

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Seminal Single: Heaven 17 – [We Don’t Need This] Fascist Groove Thang

Heaven 17/B.E.F. – [We Don’t Need this] Fascist Groove Thang UK 12″ [1981] Heaven 17: [We Don’t Need this] Fascist Groove Thang + B.E.F. Ident B.E.F.: Decline Of The West This single hit with all the force of the multi-megaton … Continue reading

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Heaven 17 Are Preparing To Give Us The Luxury We Deserve

It’s been 35 years since the second Heaven 17 album took them from cult act to chart act so it must be time for an anniversary tour, yes? When the first single from “The Luxury Gap” appeared in the form … Continue reading

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Record Review: Hot Gossip – Soul Warfare

Hot Gossip: Soul Warfare UK 12″ [1982] Soul Warfare Soul Warfare [instrumental] Back in April, I wrote about the excellent 12″ that The British Electric Foundation produced for the dance troupe Hot Gossip. It was a cover of the early … Continue reading

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Guest Post: British Electric Foundation, live in Birmingham, 21-Oct-16 (part two)

Following the events detailed in part one of this post — wherein your humble narrator enjoyed front-row seating for once-in-a-lifetime performance of Heaven 17’s Penthouse & Pavement straight through and live —we enjoyed a 20-minute break during which the management … Continue reading

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