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Book Week – Grace Jones [Paul Morley]: I’ll Never Write My Memoirs

For a very long time, Grace Jones proclaimed that she would never release an autobio, until that point where she suddenly did; taking a famous lyric of hers from “Art Groupie” and turning it on its head. When “semi-famous model … Continue reading

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Record Store Day 2014 Offers Respite From Buying Records

Well, well, well. As Record Store Day began to approach this year, I found myself hoping that nothing too “must-have” had found its way into the release lists, and as they were released last week, I’ve gone over them with … Continue reading

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Want List: Grace Jones – Nightclubbing DLX RM

Well, I’ve just caught wind of a sultry breeze wafting up from the Carribbean. It looks like Island/UMG is getting ready to flex that Grace Jones catalog muscle. Her lapel-grabbing 1981 waxing is finally getting some DLX RM love from … Continue reading

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Want List: Marianne Faithfull – Broken English DLX RM

Marianne Faithfull’s “Broken English” album of 1979 carried a lot of shock value for me but not in the way one would imagine. Since the album was the first music by Ms. Faithfull to reach my ears, her legendary haggard … Continue reading

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Record Review: Cristina – Sleep It Off [part 2]

Cristina: Sleep It Off Euro CD [2004] What’s A Girl To Do Ticket To The Tropics The Lie Of Love Quicksand Lovers Rage & Fascination Ballad Of Immortal Earnings She Can’t Say That Anymore Blue Money Don’t Mutilate My Mink He … Continue reading

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The “Warm Leatherette” Event Horizon!

The Normal: Warm Leatherette US CD3 [1988] Warm Leatherette T.V.O.D. The Normal’s “Warm Leatherette” is a seminal synthpop single. If you’ve heard it, and I sincerely hope that you have, I think you’ll agree that it is the most brutally … Continue reading

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The CD A Week Project: #7

Various: REVO Premaster 7 CD-R [2011] Grace Jones: Nipple To The Bottle [USP 12] Grace Jones: Ja Guys [USP 12] Grace Jones: Cry Now, Laugh Later [USP 12] Grace Jones: Cry Now, Laugh Later [USP dub] Grace Jones: Nipple To The … Continue reading

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