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Moroder Week: Day 6 – David Bowie – Cat People LP version

I had seven Moroder tracks to write about and I didn’t want less for a theme week, and yet this weekend was far too busy to squeeze in two more posts, so we are continuing Moroder Week for two more … Continue reading

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Moroder Week: Day 5 – Blondie – Call Me Spanish 12″

Yesterday we considered a band once compared to Moroder and Blondie. Today it’s the real thing, but with a twist. In 1980 the biggest song of the year in America was “Call Me,” the collaboration between Giorgio Moroder, then making … Continue reading

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Moroder Week: Day 4 – Berlin – No More Words 12″

While I’d first heard Berlin in late 1981 when their self-released single of “The Metro” made it onto WUSF-FM to ensnare me without ever finding a copy [that was affordable], I next ran across the band when Enigma Records had … Continue reading

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Moroder Week: Day 3 – Nina Hagen – Zarah 12″

Following the acid-drenched splendor of “Nunsexmonkrock,” Nina Hagen might have been shocked to still have a contract with CBS records in America.  So in that framework, maybe her linkup with Moroder on the following album wasn’t all that left field. … Continue reading

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Moroder Week: Day 1 – Sparks – Tryouts For The Human Race 12″

Don’t you think it’s time we had another of the random theme weeks we sometimes investigate here at PPM? I’ve been feeling in a decidedly Giorgio Moroder mood lately, so we’ll go there. Actually, there are so many great Moroder … Continue reading

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REDUX: Record Review – Sigue Sigue Sputnik – Flaunt It

June 14-23, 2014 Sigue Sigue Sputnik: Flaunt It UK CD [1986] Love Missile F1-11 (Re-Recording Part II) Advertisement: Tempo Magazine Atari Baby Advertisement [false]: Network 21 Sex-Bomb-Boogie Advertisement: Pure Sex Rockit Miss U.S.A. Advertisement [house ad]: The Sputnik Corporation 21st … Continue reading

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Record Review: Sparks – No. 1 In Heaven DLX RM [part 2]

[…continued from previous post] “Tryouts For The Human Race” began like bubbles of Syndrums® rising up from the blue depths, faster and faster as the approaching and relentless sequencers announced that yes, Giorgio Moroder was indeed in the room. What … Continue reading

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