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Steel Cage Match: Elvis 2003 VS Elvis 2004 [Part 1]

Nearly four years ago in a Gaineville, Georgia thrift store we found a cache of one dollar CDs that beckoned. Among the delights to be had were a pair of Elvis Costello albums of late [for me] vintage. I have … Continue reading

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The Great B-Sides: Elvis Costello – Just A Memory

A big chunk of what makes me the person that I am is that I eventually learned about the ins and outs of record collecting, though it was an arduous trek on my on in the wilderness with no other … Continue reading

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CD A Week Project: #16

Various: REVO Premaster 16 CD-R [2012] The Imposter: Pills + Soap The Imposter: Pills + Soap [Ext.] Age Of Chance: Kiss Age Of Chance: Crash Conscious Age Of Chance: Kiss [Collision Cut] Captain Sensible: Wot [Ext.] Captain Sensible: Happy Talk The … Continue reading

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Elvis Costello + The Imposters @ Thomas Wolfe Auditorium 7-19-11

Phew! Three weeks gone is a long time! Unfortunately, I had to skip a lunch hour for the last three weeks, and the blog now has cobwebs. Even so, there’s no shortage of topics to yammer on about since so … Continue reading

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Song of the Day: The Special A.K.A. – Free Nelson Mandela

Last night I started watching “Endgame,” an intriguing film regarding the machinations of the transition of power between the white minority and the ANC in South Africa in the late 80s. What else could be running through my head but … Continue reading

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