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Looking Back At Music Videos [part 1]

Music Videos were certainly a huge thing 40 years ago. I can recall seeing proto-MTV music video programming in the ’79-’80 window. Syndicated music programs were bubbling up at the end of the 70s as bands were embracing a visual … Continue reading

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80s Soundtrack Week: Tuesday – “Party Party” GER CD

Today’s album came from much earlier in the decade and came from a completely different mindset. Instead of US teens living in the “alternative music” scene of the mid-80s, our next soundtrack was from a British holiday comedy about a … Continue reading

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Battle Of The Mid-80s Horn Sections: Elvis Costello + The Attractions – Punch The Clock

They proliferated like mushrooms in the pomp of mid-80s productions as the Serious Eighties got underway and swept the last vestiges of the Post-Punk experimentation of the late 70s off of the music map. I suppose we can lay the … Continue reading

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Blondie And Elvis Costello + The Imposters Join Forces For Summer Extravaganza

Can you smell it in the air? The imminent aroma of Summer Shed Season coming upon us? The time when rock royalty get their houses in order so that they can play to as wide an audience as possible in … Continue reading

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First Impressions Often Lie

Today my thoughts have gone to revisit those times when I have been disastrously wrong about something that upon revisiting, I will experience a 180 degree opinion switch on. Since I’ll never be Post-Punk Pope [I have no pull with … Continue reading

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REDUX: The Great B- Sides – Elvis Costello + The Attractions – Just A Memory

July 16, 2014 A big chunk of what makes me the person that I am is that I seventually learned about the ins and outs of record collecting, though it was an arduous trek on my on in the wilderness … Continue reading

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Book Week – Matteo Torcinovich: Outside The Lines; Lost Photographs Of Punk & New Wave’s Most Iconic Albums

Today’s book was something I found remaindered last year that was an immediate hands-down “buy this book!” moment. Exceedingly rare are the volumes that I have bought instead of sold off in the last 20 years,but this one was strongly … Continue reading

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