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Designed By Peter Saville: The Many Faces Of “Rage In Eden”

I am a graphic designer. I knew I wanted to be one by the time that I was 10 or 11 years old. Every move I made from junior high onward was to further this goal. I didn’t encounter the … Continue reading

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Review: Gardening By Moonlight – Method In the Madness

Since my recent John Foxx/Zeus B. Held postings refer to Gardening By Moonlight I thought that perhaps a bit of background on this amazing group was in order. I first heard of them in the course of a 1983 John … Continue reading

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Shopping for New Wave in Music City [part 1]

Last week I was out of town and incommunicado. The blog languished as a result, but it was worth it since my wife and I were meeting Charles [of Chas’ Crusty Old Wave fame] and his wife, Heather in Nashville, … Continue reading

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The Strange, New World of 12″ Singles – A Look Back At A Loss of Innocence

As I collected records, I discovered all of the rules as I went along. Having no siblings, I didn’t have anyone to point me in any particular direction. Growing up in the seventies, there were either albums or singles to … Continue reading

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Review: Peter Gabriel – So

This was a very disappointing album when released and it certainly hasn’t grown in stature over the last 24 years for me. “Red Rain” gets the album off to an incredible start and really faked me out. Metallic percussion returns … Continue reading

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Buried Treasures – Ultravox Mark I & II

  How many angels can dance on the head of a pin? Who knows? But when it comes to post-punk rarities, I try to have a better understanding. I have spent the last month or two attempting to record every … Continue reading

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