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Dead Or Alive Conundrum

This week with my turntable back from the shop, I decided that after digitizing the new Positive Noise 12″ers I recently got in Atlanta, I wanted to hear some of the Dead Or Alive in my home not on CD. … Continue reading

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Pete Burns: 1959-2016

Yesterday I was in the middle of writing my post when my friend chasinvictoria sent me a message that Pete Burns had suddenly died. With the definitive Dead Or Alive BSOG due in just four more days, the chameleonic Burns died … Continue reading

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BSOG® Meltdown: Dead Or Alive Make Erasure Look Like Misers With 19 Disc Box!

Yumpin’ Yimminy!! Just yesterday we were musing over the upcoming Erasure über DLX boxed set of god® which sported 12 CDs and a DVD, and just hours later, commenter tim alerted me to the boxed set that Dead Or Alive … Continue reading

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Finest Remixes [Part 6]

We received a few votes of confidence yesterday in the comments, so we’ll keep this train rolling as we look back on remixes that were worth the time and effort. China Crisis | African + White [Steve Proctor 12″ Remix] … Continue reading

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