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Want List: Fripp Offers Two More ‘Drive To 1981’ Titles On Stand-Alone CD

A few weeks ago we were stunned by the enormity of the “Exposures” BSOG featuring all of Robert Fripp’s solo work from 1977-1981. I was intrigued to see that new 2021 remasterings of the “God Save The Queen/Under Heavy Manners” … Continue reading

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Book Review: David Byrne – How Music Works

Over two years ago, my friend JT commented in a thread asking if I had read Byrne’s book “How Music Works.” Deeming it “fairly stunning.” I replied no, but was at least aware of it.  I had a friend having … Continue reading

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30 Days: 30 Albums | David Byrne – The Complete Score From The Broadway Production Of “The Catherine Wheel”

I vividly recall when it looked like Talking Heads were a spent force by 1980. Their third album with Brian Eno had pushed the band to the near breaking point while making exceptionally compelling albums. In 1981, all of the … Continue reading

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30 Days: 30 Albums | David Byrne + Brian Eno – Everything That Happens Will Happen Today

To say that Byrne/Eno have a history that precedes them is an understatement. Eno’s three album run with Talking Heads was possibly more inspiring than even his three album sequence with David Bowie, even though in both cases each of … Continue reading

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Record Review: Talking Heads:77 [part 2]

[…continued from previous post] Side one of the album ended with, what was for me, the key song on the album. “No Compassion” certainly lived up to its title, and if taken at face value, definitely points to Byrne having a … Continue reading

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A Young Person’s Guide To: B-52s – Mesopotamia [pt. 1]

  I had been a fan of the B-52s from the point of finally hearing/seeing them on Saturday Night live after being taunted by the splendor of their debut album cover for six months in the record store. I [finally] … Continue reading

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REDUX: Talking Heads Funk Arc

November 18, 2010 This week I did something that I don’t remember ever doing, but now that it’s done, I have a richer appreciation of the work involved. Talking Heads had worked with producer Brian Eno from the point of … Continue reading

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