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Ron-Kon II: A Memorial Tale [Amoeba] [part 3]

Amoeba Hollywood We had decided earlier that since at one point two hours had been set aside on Saturday for Ron-Kon 2 revelers to hit Amoeba Hollywood, that we three would go on our own on Friday. For a quality … Continue reading

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Ron-Kon II: A Memorial Tale [Soundsations Records] [part 2]

Flying To L.A. My wife suggested that I should stay overnight after work in Greenville, SC, where I was flying out of in the pre-dawn hours instead of from my local (tiny) Asheville airport. Flying out of Greenville instead of … Continue reading

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Ron-Kon II: A Memorial Tale [With Lots Of Record Stores…] [part 1]

Planning Ron-Kon II I had written at length about my friend Ron Kane and his death last November 30th. I had been ready to fly out to see him on December 1st of last year as his decline was such … Continue reading

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