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Ferry On Bowie | …This should make the Cognoscenti think!

¡Mamacita! I was aware that the “David Bowie Is” exhibition will be making a US stop in Chicago this fall [in the only scheduled US stop through at least 2016], but what I was blithely unaware of was the supersalient … Continue reading

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REDUX: Not Bryan Ferry …But An Incredible Simulation!

November 10, 2010 In these days of a new Bryan Ferry solo opus, [“Olympia”], thoughts turn to the smaller fish that follow, like pilot fish, in the wake of the great grey whale of art that is Mister Ferry. Like … Continue reading

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Steel Cage Match: Bryan Ferry VS Robert Palmer

Sure, sure! Bryan Ferry and Robert Palmer invariable get compared to one another, what with their love of R&B, harmonica solos and immaculately tailored suits. I enjoy many recordings of both artistes, and have missed Palmer since his untimely death … Continue reading

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Record Review: Peter Godwin Revisits “The Art of Love” 30 Years Later

Peter Godwin: The Art Of Love Remix DL [2013] The Art Of Love [Johnson Somerset Remix] It’s been almost a year since the last Peter Godwin download, his panoramic “Skyfall;” the should-have-been-Bond-theme-to-the-film-of-the-same-name… [catches breath]. This time his partner in Nuevo, … Continue reading

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Song Of The Day: The Velvet Underground – What Goes On

Today I have a track that lodged itself in my brain and I have to listen incessantly to it. It’s not Post-Punk, but is certainly proto Post-Punk. I was listening to my VU boxed set “Peel Slowly And See” and … Continue reading

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Want List: The Bryan Ferry Orchestra – The Jazz Age

The Bryan Ferry Orchestra: The Jazz Age UK CD [2012] Do The Strand Love Is The Drug Don’t Stop The Dance Just Like You Avalon The Bogus Man Slave To Love This Is Tomorrow The Only Face I Thought Reason … Continue reading

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Bryan Ferry + John Foxx | Late Bloomers, Born Today

Today marks two significant birthdays for The Monk. Born three years apart in Post-War England were two of my most significant recording artists. Whole crucial chunks of the contents of my Record Cell Core Collection were recorded or influenced by Ferry … Continue reading

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