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Blondie And Elvis Costello + The Imposters Join Forces For Summer Extravaganza

Can you smell it in the air? The imminent aroma of Summer Shed Season coming upon us? The time when rock royalty get their houses in order so that they can play to as wide an audience as possible in … Continue reading

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All The Way To Cleveland: The Mott The Hoople Saga [part 6]

An East Coast Monk In King Wenner’s Court [part the third] […continued from last post] RRHOF – the exhibits We next tried to figure out how to get from one place/level to another in the pyramid that;s the Rock + … Continue reading

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30 Days: 30 Albums | Blondie – Ghosts Of Download

Lately, I have been picking up [and paying for…] and Blondie albums that I did not have. This is down to two things; built-up curiosity and having heard the reformation era song “Maria” on the gym sound system and really … Continue reading

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Professor Dolby Gets Some Summer Vacation

It’s funny how threads start. Last week it transpired that the long mooted Ron Kane memorial; get-together by his friends is finally set to come off this summer. If you’ve not seen the posts, I was set to visit my … Continue reading

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Record Review: Blondie – Blonde And Beyond

Blondie: Blonde + Beyond US CD [1993] Underground Girl English Boys Sunday Girl (French Version) Susie And Jeffrey Shayla Denis X Offender Poets Problem Scenery Picture This Angels On The Balcony Once I Had A Love I’m Gonna Love You … Continue reading

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I’ve Just Heard A Song Named ‘Maria’…17 Years Later

This morning, I was the the gym, as usual for a Monday. My wife and I had completed our workout and were in the process of having our stretch on the mats afterward. The gym’s sound system was set to … Continue reading

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Song of the Day: Blondie – T-Birds

Blondie: Autoamerican US CD [1987] Europa Live It Up Here’s Looking At You The Tide Is High Angels On The Balcony Go Through It Do The Dark Rapture Faces T-Birds Walk Like Me Follow Me I know, I know. It’s … Continue reading

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