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Elektriche Frauen Freitag: Classic And New Releases From xPropaganda, Electribe 101, and Gina X Performance Erupting At Once

February 18th of 2022 is turning out to be a significant day for fans of German electronic music as sung by divas who are so adept at the juggling of ice and fire in their delivery. Let’s start with the … Continue reading

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Billie Ray Martin Prepping New Soul Album

With a crowdsource campaign that has seen nearly 200% of her goal reached in the first month, singer Billie Ray Martin has cooked up something a bit different from the angular yet soulful dance music that she normally offers. It bears repeating … Continue reading

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Here’s A Subscription Model That’s Tempting…

Yesterday I received one of the occasional mailings from Billie Ray Martin’s mailing list. Of course, we have long admired the singer who first came to our attention when Electribe 101 released the best album since “A Secret Wish.” I have … Continue reading

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Want List: Billie Ray Martin – After All

Electronic thrush Billie Ray Martin first came to my attention when I spied the iconic video for Electribe 101’s brilliant “Talking With Myself” on MTV in some rare airing of the clip on some international program. I immediately ran out … Continue reading

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