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Record Review: Dalek i Love You [part 2]

[continued from previous post…] Yesterday we cast an ear towards the original 1983 album. Today, we examine the singles with the bonus tracks that made it onto this DLX RM. Dalek i Love You: Holiday In Disneyland UK 12″ [1982] … Continue reading

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REVO Remastering: Howard Devoto – Devoto Companion [REVO 062]

Howard Devoto: Devoto Companion 2xCD [2009] DISC 1 | Solo Endeavors Magazine: Model Worker [live Urgh!] Bernard Szanjer: Without Leaving Bernard Szanjer: Deal Of the Century Bernard Szanjer: The Convention Devoto: Rainy Season [7”] Devoto: Rainforest [var. N16] Devoto: Cold Imagination … Continue reading

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The Case For “Paths + Angles”

Ultravox: The Voice UK  7″ [1981] The Voice [7″ edit] Paths + Angles I was sort of late to the game on collecting Ultravox B-sides. It was not until late 1982 when I ran across the Japanese compilation LP of largely … Continue reading

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A Look Back At Pet Shop Boys And My Relationship To Daaaaaance Music

I’d like to say that I was an early disciple of smart synthpop duo Pet Shop Boys, but that would be lying. Like countless others, I first heard their single “West End Girls” when it got a US release in … Continue reading

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A BSOG Deconstructed: China Crisis – Docklands [part 1]

Yesterday when posting about one of my projects, a reader commented “where can I get one of these?” and I flippantly answered him with a bullet list of the process I underwent, but I thought, since work like this is … Continue reading

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Record Collecting: The Ideal vs The Reality

When I was a youth, collecting music was easy. You bought 45s and albums. By the time I was in high school, things got more complex. There was then an awareness of import records, which cost more but had thrills … Continue reading

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