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That Very First Berlin Album Miiiiight Be Coming To The Silver Disc…One August Day

It’s been a crazy week, with no power at work [eventually we got generators in] and I’m trying to make up my time sheet to equal 40 hours with a crazy quilt of hours here and vacation time there. There’s … Continue reading

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Wang Chung Cheekily Revisit Their Biggest Hit

As we mentioned last April, Wang Chung were the latest band to take the orchestral plunge that label August Day offered. The album has since been released in two formats, the ten track album and the boxed set version. Their … Continue reading

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A Flock Of Seagulls Reunite In Original Lineup For Orchestral Hits And AFOS BSOG

I think we can all agree that when Paul Reynolds left A Flock Of Seagulls following their “Story of A Young Heart” album, that the group lost something they never replaced. His Post-Punk guitar prowess made songs like “Modern Love … Continue reading

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