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It’s 34 Years later – What’s Still Not On CD? [part 4]

The last post on this thread was F-J on the list of album still wanted on CD format…before it’s too late!   RED = I have already made a CD of this. GREEN = awaiting remastering in my Media Empire Room. BLUE = I still need to buy … Continue reading

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CD A Week Project: #17

Various: REVO Premaster 17 CD-R [2012] Annabel Lamb: Tell Him Annabel Lamb: All Night TV Annabel Lamb: I Know How Love Goes Annabel Lamb: Electronic Toys Annabel Lamb: Cinderella Annabel Lamb: Safety In Numbers Nitzer Ebb: Hearts + Minds [mix subsonic] … Continue reading

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Record Review: Annabel Lamb – I Know How Love Goes

Annabel Lamb: I Know How Love Goes UK 7″ [1982] I Know How Love Goes Electronic Toys Anyone familiar with singer Annabel Lamb from her first two A+M albums would be possibly slack-jawed after hearing her second single, released in … Continue reading

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Those First Impressions: Annabel Lamb Debut Single

Annabel Lamb: Tell Him UK 7″ Tell Him All-Night TV I’d written about Annabel Lamb a little over a year ago here, and recently, I finally found the spare time to spin those 45s that Ron “The Man” Kane had graciously … Continue reading

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Remastering: Annabel Lamb – Once Bitten

Annabel Lamb is a slightly obscure singer who came to my attention when A+M released her debut album, “Once Bitten” in the US in 1983. I saw it in the bins and bought it because it looked interesting. There was … Continue reading

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