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80s Soundtrack Week: Tuesday – “Party Party” GER CD

Today’s album came from much earlier in the decade and came from a completely different mindset. Instead of US teens living in the “alternative music” scene of the mid-80s, our next soundtrack was from a British holiday comedy about a … Continue reading

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80s Soundtrack Week: Monday – “Pretty In Pink” US CD

I was going to talk about one of the records coming up this week, then I realized that it had been a bit since I had run a Theme Week here @ PPM and figured that I could work this … Continue reading

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REDUX: A Young Person’s Guide To: No Wave

August 1, 2014 Various Artists: No Wave US PicDisc LP [1978] U.K. Squeeze: Take Me I’m Yours The Police: Roxanne Joe Jackson: Got The Time Klark Kent: Don’t Care The Secret: I’m Alive The Stranglers: Bring On The Nubiles U.K. … Continue reading

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Record Review: November Group – Work That Dream

November Group: Work That Dream US EP [1985] Volker Work That Dream Put Your Back To It [2] No Promise Arrows Up To Heaven Careful [Life Is A Fragile Thing] Now we’ll discuss the third and final November Group EP, … Continue reading

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A Young Person’s Guide To: Urgh! A Music War [part 2]

So yesterday we took a look at the double album version of “Urgh! A Music War.” Due to the wide ranging tentacles of the Copeland family musical empire, it stands as a rather thoroough snapshot of the New Wave scene … Continue reading

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A Young Person’s Guide To: Urgh! A Music War [part 1]

Back in 1981, the Copeland’s IRS Records/FBI empire reached its fullest flowering with the ambitious “Urgh! A Music War” project. The film/double album featured every band the consortium managed or released. Between IRS Records and Frontier Booking International, almost everyone … Continue reading

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