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Record Review: Adam Ant – “B-Side Babies” US CD

Adam Ant: B-Side Babies – US – CD [1994] Adam And The Ants: Fall-In Adam And The Ants: Making History Adam And The Ants: Beat My Guest Adam And The Ants: Friends (Version 2) Adam Ant: Red Scab Adam Ant: … Continue reading

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Professor Dolby Gets Some Summer Vacation

It’s funny how threads start. Last week it transpired that the long mooted Ron Kane memorial; get-together by his friends is finally set to come off this summer. If you’ve not seen the posts, I was set to visit my … Continue reading

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Record Review: Adam Ant – Apollo 9

Adam Ant: Apollo 9 UK 7″ [1984] Apollo 9 [Blast Off Mix] 3:24 B-Side Baby 4:47 When Adam disbanded The Ants and went solo in 1982 he still had a strong grip on the UK top 10. Two of the … Continue reading

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CD A Week Project: #10

Various: REVO Premaster 10 CD-R [2011] Blondie: Atomic [12] Blondie: Call Me [Spanish 12] Blondie: Call Me [inst.] Blondie: Rapture [disco mix] Blondie: Live It Up [disco mix] Blondie + Fab 5 Freddy: Yuletide Throwdown Blondie: Warchild [12] Maneaters: Nine … Continue reading

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