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Want List: Stephen Duffy’s Post-Duran, Pre-Tin Tin Band The Hawks Find Release 40 Years Later

The Hawks: Obviously 5 Believers – UK – CD [2021] All The Sad Young Men Aztec Moon Big Store What Can I Give? A Sense Of Ending Bullfighter Jazz Club Serenade Something Soon What It Is! Great Googly Moogly! It … Continue reading

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Charlie Watts: 1941-2021

My wife send me an email yesterday with the OMG subject line. I was neck deep in work [and not loafing on the Steve Hoffman Music Forums] and had no idea that the great Charlie Watts had died yesterday at … Continue reading

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Want List Twofer: Jarv Is Vs. Dennis Bovell In Dub + OMD Keep Paying It Forward With Crew Benefit DVD

Jarv Is: Swanky Modes – US – 7″ [2021] Swanky Modes [Dennis Bovell vocal mix] 4:29 Swanky Modes: Dennis Bovell dub mix] 4:30 This morning I came across a rave review from The [New ] Vinyl Villain regarding the sadly … Continue reading

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Ask And Ye Shall Receive: The Gleaming Spires Reissue Program Announced Just Days After Records Added To Want List

Holy Toledo! On July 28th, we wrote about the need to collect the complete works of Gleaming Spires after finally playing their “How To Get Girls Thru Hypnotism” single. Last Friday morning, I received an email via the handy contact … Continue reading

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Want List: Annabel Lamb – “Once Bitten” NL CD

Annabel Lamb: Once Bitten – NL – CD [2021] Once Bitten Take Me In Your Arms Heartland Hold Fast Backwards Through The Looking Glass Dividing the Spoils of Love Red For Danger Snake Pliskin Missing No Cure Well this certainly … Continue reading

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Mitch Easter Celebrates Let’s Active’s 40th Anniversary In Special Concert Event

The last 24 hours has seen a lot of traffic at this site over my review of “Big Plans For Everybody,” my favorite Let’s Active album. I like all of them very much. They each have their own unique character, … Continue reading

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Gary Kemp + Steven Wilson + Mike Garson = …Whaaa…??!

Gary Kemp + Steven Wilson + Mike Garson: Waiting For The Band remix – DL – [2021] Waiting For The Band [remix] 10:37 This came out of nowhere and I had to investigate, given the participants. I have been aware … Continue reading

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