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Conny Plank: The Potential of Noise

Almost as soon as I began filling what would, in time, be referred to as the Record Cell, I have been aware of Conny Plank and his contribution to the music that I love. He was the “doctor” that delivered … Continue reading

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Record Review: Bryan Ferry Orchestra – Bitter-Sweet

I’ve been lax on the Bryan Ferry front for the last few years. My wife got me “Frantic” and “Avonmore” as gifts and I really liked them. “Frantic” had a great casual feel that Ferry usually hammered down nine ways … Continue reading

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2018 – The Year In Buying Music [part 2]

[…continued from last post] Though the amount spent was the most since 2011, the amount of music was by far the most ever since going back to keeping records in 2010. The distance between the cost point and the number … Continue reading

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2018 – The Year In Buying Music [part 1]

So I’ve been trying to curtail my spending for the last few years, and this year that really didn’t happen. Big time. Part of this was down to the trip to Los Angeles to commemorate the life of my friend … Continue reading

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Record Review: Barry Andrews – Lost Pop Songs 78-80

Barry Andrews: Lost Pop Songs 78-80 UK CD [2018] Rossmore Road Win a Night Out (with a well-known paranoiac) Freak Me and My Mate Can Sing Mousetrap Bring On The Alligators Sargasso Bar Feeding Time Muscle & Movement Opposite Way … Continue reading

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Want List: JAPAN Biography Reissued + Sequel Coming

Two days ago commenter Duncan Watson brought it to our attention that Anthony Reynolds’ book on JAPAN was now back in print at Burning Shed, and since we had missed the limited hardcover edition, this represents a great second chance … Continue reading

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Pete Shelley: 1955-2018

Late yesterday afternoon, the junior designer came up to me bearing news that “the singer from The Buzzcocks has died!” Incredulous, I had no idea that Pete was dead, but his relevance to the Punk and Post-Punk worlds was significant. … Continue reading

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