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I Just Dropped Three Figures on Prince’s LAST Box …And Now It’s Time To REALLY Commit For “Sign O’ The Times” Boxed Set Of God

¡Ay Dios Mio! If you can remember back to fall of 2019, there was going to be a super deluxe box of Prince’s iconic “1999” album that I fancied getting. It was $60 and I was trying frantically to save … Continue reading

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Record Review: Renegade Soundwave – Biting My Nails US CD5

Renegade Soundwave: Biting My Nails US CD5 [1989] Biting My Nails Biting My Nails [instrumental club mix] Cocaine Sex Kray Twins I first heard Renegade Soundwave back in 1987 [I believe] on an episode of the British TV program Snub … Continue reading

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REDUX: Record Review: Wire – The Ideal Copy UK CD

June 26, 2015 Wire: The Ideal Copy UK CD [1987] Point Of Collapse Ahead Madman’s Honey Feed Me Ambitious Cheeking Tongues Still Shows Over Theirs Ahead (II) A Serious Of Snakes Drill Advantage In Height Up To The Sun Ambulance … Continue reading

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Record Review: Cabaret Voltaire – Here To Go UK CD5

Cabaret Voltaire: Here To Go UK CD5 [1987] Here To Go [Extended Mix] Here To Go [Space Dub] Here To Go [Single Mix] It was an exciting time back in 1987. Sure, sure. The Mid-80s Malaise® was at full gallop, … Continue reading

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Mark Hollis: 1955-2019 [part 2]

[…continued from last post] A few years later while watching the MTV “New Video Hour,” I saw the next move that Talk Talk had made. Their third album, “The Colour Of Spring,” had been released and the lead single was … Continue reading

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Record Review: Mick Karn – Dreams Of Reason Produce Monsters

Mick Karn: Dreams of Reason Produce Monsters UK CD [1987] First Impression Language Of Ritual Buoy Land The Three Fates When Love Walks In Dreams Of Reason Answer When JAPAN fissured into various splinters, I did not immediately pursue Mick … Continue reading

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30 Days: 30 Albums | They Might Be Giants

I can;t believe it took me over 30 years to finally hear this album, but that’s the sad truth. At first, the TMBG debut album was LP only in that nether period where not all new albums in the mid-80s … Continue reading

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