Planned Projects

These projects are at ready status with all components in house and awaiting remastering. How I pick what gets completed next is not a science. Feel free to discuss. I really need to update this page to reflect reality. I’ve been blogging for over six years now and have never managed to touch this page.


Vicious Pink Phenomena | © Peter Ashworth

I have all the 7”ers, 12”ers, the LP and promo-only mixes. No remix service stuff, sorry.

VICTORIAN PARENTS – Silence Follows + RM

Polydor | UK | LP | 1981 | POLS 1049

Obscure and woefully unsung postpunk band from 1981. Only guitar synths – no keys – how can you resist? I have the “All American Hero” 7″ and pre-Polydor indie “Dead Red Grass Of Home” 7″ as well.



Polydor | UK | LP | 1984 | POLDS 5117

Now that the 3rd album “Beat Boy” had been officially issued, one of the big stumbling blocks to this BSOG® has been removed, namely, “should I include the lost 3rd album?” Without the flawed “Beat Boy” album in its entirety, the result is closer to New Romantic electro bliss. Much of this sounds even better today. The musicianship of half each of Ultravox and Magazine didn’t hurt, either. One big question remains: Should I include the Dance Remix version of “Fade To Grey: The Singles Collection” within the context of this BSOG® or should it remain a discreet release? That special version of the “Singles Collection” has remixed, segued cuts making it pretty unique. Thoughts?

COMATEENS – Comateens RM

Cachalot | US | LP | 1981 | CA 124

I’ve looked for this album ever since it came out. I finally found it in Portland in 2008! Most of this band ended up working with Etienne Daho! The band apparently released a very limited edition of this on CD and it’s long gone, daddy-o! REVO to the rescue. I’ve subsequently begun to accrue a Comateens collection. I also have their “Pictures On A String” LP for Virgin that came out in 1983 and have begun the 12” collection.

STOP THE PRESSES: I just [Nov. 22, 2010] checked the band’s website for the first time in a year and they’ve re-pressed this album on CD. Act now and click here.

THE PASSIONS – Michael & Miranda + RM

Fiction | UK | LP | 1980 | FIX 003

Another great New Wave lost classic I picked up in Portland in 2008! I’ve loved their single “Africa Mine” from the time of release and have looked forward to hearing more from this band. Two indie single precede this album that I should buy before doing this… or can I make a full rarities CD for The Passions?


RCA | UK | 7″ | 1986 | MONK 3

This is finally in lockdown. It’s taken a long time, but now I now have everything.

NYAM NYAM – Hope Of Heaven + RM

Situation Two | UK | LP | 1984 | SITU 10

I have this band’s rare Factory Benelux 12”, “Fate/Hate” plus their Situation Two album. I recently obtained their 1985 final release, “The Architect” EP. So consider this in lockdown.





Eurythmics | © Peter Ashworth

This is now in lockdown for a BSOG® of all classic era (1981-91) rarities. I don’t want to go into post-modern remixes of classic material. But should I include the “Peace” era rarities? How can I include the newly recorded material for the last “best of” without those further mixes as well? I’ve recently gotten the Thunderpuss remix 12” of “17 Again” but all of the promo-only Peter Rauhofer remixes of the same title are notoriously difficult to obtain. These were contemporary mixes of current material. Talk to me. Give me clarity.

8 Responses to Planned Projects

  1. Tim says:

    Talk to me about Eurythmics…
    I started to make my own deluxe editions of the cds and made a few and took a break from that project & frankly never resumed work on it.
    Part of the issue for me is that a lot of the remixes, especially the modern ones, make me think of the sample in the Pet Shop Boys ”Absolutely Fabulous” track….’dull soulless dance music.”
    I wound up deleting a bunch of mixes because I listened to them and said to myself, yeah, with all the music I already have that’s something I just don’t need to listen to again. It begs a question of the completionist, is everything that a band put out worth having?

    My ‘Sweet Dreams’ deluxe edition I like bunches. Started work next on ‘Touch’ (rechristened as ‘Lingering Touch’) and found a bunch of the b-sides and whatnot, they just didn’t fit in the project for me. In all of the bands I have done personal overhauls of the albums by, this and ABC saw the most drastic cuts on some albums with some material (by bands whose output I prize in my collection) going, going gone and quite honestly not missed (ABC examples of this would be ‘A to Z’ and ‘Judy’s Jewels’.).

    Someday I may revisit the Eurythmics Re-Made & Re-Modeled Project but if/when I do I suspect that a lot of the non-album cuts will be relegated to disks such as ”Acoustic 19xx-19yy” ”Live 19xx-19yy” ”12-inch mixes 19xx-19yy.”


    • postpunkmonk says:

      Tim – I hear you on the poor remixes! That is why I stopped buying many groups cold in the early 90s. The cold card facts of mixes I didn’t like conflicted with my collector’s gene, and cognitive dissonance caused a complete break with the artist. Some times I am compelled to be complete. Others, I am dissuaded by the artist’s phases I didn’t enjoy. You mention ABC; my ABC BSOG will bypass completely the material from the “Up” and “Abracadabra” albums. They are just two dead albums for me with nothing to offer but dull house music. I found most house music dull. Mel + Kim and the Blow Monkeys did house tracks that I truly enjoyed. Most other house music doesn’t push my buttons. I have recently found the Rauenhofer Eurythmics promo mixes, and I ran across the 1991 post-modern mixes of “Sweet Dreams” and “Love Is A Stranger” cheap, recently, so I am going full speed ahead for a complete Eurythmics BSOG®. The urge not to just listen, but to curate, is strong in this one. The boxed sets give me the chance to make a perfect object, to the best of my abilities. It is the search for god in sound that makes me the Post-Punk Monk!


  2. Gerald McBoing-Boing says:

    Are you aware of the LTM reissue of the Nyam Nyam material? It’s not quite complete, missing a few tracks.


    • postpunkmonk says:

      Gerald Mc Boing-Boing – Sadly, yes. It takes me so long to actually make a CD any more that there is always the peril of having time and money invested in finding rare records and having it all come to naught before crossing the finish line with a single reissue. On one hand, I was happy that LTM saved me 20 hours (on average) in making my planned CD. On the other hand, they could have had the courtesy to let me know before I spent considerable money on mail ordering the “Hope Of Heaven” album and “The Architect” EP in the last five years!


  3. AudioDile says:

    Count me in for sure for the ABC and Eurythmics BSOGs. Are these going to be official releases? Would also love to see B-52’s or Dead or Alive!


    • postpunkmonk says:

      AudioDile – Welcome to the comments. I’ve been stalled on the ABC for three years now. I had ordered a 12″ single I needed from an Amazon dealer and received the “Footloose” OST by mistake, and I have yet to correct this problem! As for Eurythmics, there are some mod remixes that I still need just because.

      These are absolutely not official releases. Just the fever dreams of a music collector, so you may read about my adventures in making them here, but that’s the extent of it. I highly recommend making your own though. It’s an exciting hobby that is gratifying like nothing else if you’re a music collector geek such as me.

      No DOA or B-52s in the offing. I probably have too much B-52s in my scant collection. I think all I really need are the first two albums and the db Records 7″ of “Rock Lobster.” I have some DOA 12″ers I’ve been trying to unload for some time now, in fact. Nothing glamorous. Just US Epic 12″ers in black sleeves. So nothing planned there.


  4. Rob C says:

    Not sure if you’re aware but Cherry Red had finally issued Michael & Miranda on cd for the first time – appending their debut single as well as bonus tracks.

    I’ve picked this up for a holiday gift for myself – alongside Cherry Red’s new reissue of Kissing The Pink’s Naked – and can say it sounds good.

    Don’t sit too long – not sure how long these reissues will remain in print as Cherry Red releases do tend to fall out of print.


    • postpunkmonk says:

      Rob C – Don’t I know it! Right now I am having a white knuckle ride over a copy of Stephen Duffy’s “The Ups + Downs” on Cherry Red that I waited a bit too long to buy from an Italian Discogs dealer. I knew about The Passions album and need to get something other than my terrible sounding pressing of the LP to hear. I’d heard that “Naked” was coming and though I have the strange US CD on One Way, I’d really appreciate some decent bonus tracks on that one! That album is astoundingly great!


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