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The Blow Monkeys Finally Get Decisive 4xCD “Animal Magic” Box In 2023

Back in 2012, Cherry Red had released the first two Blow Monkeys albums in DLX RMs, and the next one also followed suit a year later. Each of them in 2xCD packages with many unreleased tracks as well as remixes … Continue reading

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Another Ultravox Artifact From A Parallel Universe Fell Through A Wormhole Last Friday And It’s For Sale, But Not For Long

We all know that “Rage In Eden” was [magnificently] produced by Conny Plank, who capped a three album arc of producing Ultravox with the climactic “Rage In Eden.” But nothing is black and white anymore in the 21st century. And … Continue reading

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DEVO’s Gerald Casale Has New EP Of “The Invisible Man” With Martyn Ware Remix Video

Last Friday was Record Store Day Black Friday, and while I actually bought a few 7″ singles and a CD – not at a record store, it must be said, I was aware that DEVO’s Gerald Casale had another EP … Continue reading

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Duran Duran As A Consumer Product In New Life Magazine Special Edition

I was recently shopping in a mass market retail chain [Target] and when queuing to pay, my gaze stopped upon the souvenir Life Magazine special edition. There they were, as bold as life; the Fab Five original lineup of Double … Continue reading

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Want List: Robert Palmer BSOG of Complete Island Albums UK 9xCD

We were slow to acknowledge the many charms of Robert Palmer at first. In 1978, when he got his first US Top 40 hits on his ’78/’79 albums with “Every Kinda People” and “Bad Case Of Loving You” I thought … Continue reading

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The Next Group Of Oingo Boingo Deluxe Remasters Is Nearing Takeoff

Last summer ace reissue label Rubellan Remasters graced us with four Oingo Boingo remastered CDs [“Only A Lad,” “Nothing To Fear,” “Good For Your Soul,” “Dead Man’s Paarty”] and since then, the So-cal New Wave band has been blowing the … Continue reading

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John Cale’s 80th Birthday Concert Event Happens Friday, October 28 – With Album Following In 2023

With all due respect to Tom Jones, The Greatest Living Welsh Musician was always John Cale. His contributions to the advancement of Rock music are legendary and tangible. But his greatest strength is in how his creativity isn’t necessarily tied … Continue reading

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