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Is It Time For The 35th Anniversary Of “Let It Bee” Already? Deluxe Remaster Headed Our Way Soon!

Like so many other things these days, we just got wind of something being reissued that we can get behind. The 35th anniversary DLX RM of Voice of the Beehive‘s classic 1st album; now enhanced with plenty of their top … Continue reading

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Want List: Ultravox “Rage In Eden” Ultrabox Coming for Album’s 41st Anniversary

In the biggest open secret for some months, Ultravox’s much-mooted “Rage In Eden” ultrabox was finally announced today in an official capacity. Rogue retailers in Europe had played their hands early last year which must have vexed the minds at … Continue reading

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That First Taste Of Transvision Vamp On A Freebie Record Mirror EP

There I was. Minding my own business in the late 80s. Trying to get some nourishment from the thin gruel of the UK music scene of the time, when during one of my weekly MTV sessions during 120 Minutes [all … Continue reading

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Billy MacKenzie’s “Satellite Life” Box With Steve Aungle, Stands As His Definitive Late Statement [part 1]

Billy MacKenzie: Satellite Life Recordings 1994-1996 – UK – 3xCD [2022] Disc 1: Winter Academy 1. Sing That Song Again2. Winter Academy3. Wild Is The Wind4. Blue It Is5. The Soul That Sighs6. Mother Earth7. And This She Knows8. When … Continue reading

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Record Review: Vicious Pink – West View US 2xLP [part 2]

[…continued from last post] Side two began with some new Vicious Pink music to reach our ears decades later, and “Why Me” was a winning cocktail of hyper-kinetic Synthpop that pursued an interesting lyrical conceit. Never before has “having a … Continue reading

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Record Review: Adam Ant – “B-Side Babies” US CD

Adam Ant: B-Side Babies – US – CD [1994] Adam And The Ants: Fall-In Adam And The Ants: Making History Adam And The Ants: Beat My Guest Adam And The Ants: Friends (Version 2) Adam Ant: Red Scab Adam Ant: … Continue reading

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The “1980 Tour: The Finale” Captured Peak Midge Ure [Part 2]

[continued from last post…] I immediately noted how synth player Joseph O’Keefe held back the tempo of the piano intro to “Private Lives” to prolong the timing of the throwback intro for maximum impact. which made his pitch bending on … Continue reading

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