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Want List: Cherry Red’s “Musik Music Musique” Box Tantalizes With Technopop

Various: Musik Music Musique – UK – 3xCD  [2020] Disc One Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark : Messages Zeus: Musik, Music, Musique Fad Gadget: Coitus Interruptus Xynn: Computed Man Rod Vey: Metal Love Gina X Performance: Vendor’s Box Our Daughter’s … Continue reading

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Deepcut Thinkpiece: The Duran Duran Album…For People Who HATE Duran Duran [part 2]

[…continued from last post] The last post, we set out the notion of compiling a Duran Duran disc that might be a good listen for someone who had preconceived notions of the band due to their often unfortunate image, which … Continue reading

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Pete Shelley: 1955-2018

Late yesterday afternoon, the junior designer came up to me bearing news that “the singer from The Buzzcocks has died!” Incredulous, I had no idea that Pete was dead, but his relevance to the Punk and Post-Punk worlds was significant. … Continue reading

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REDUX: The Great B- Sides – Elvis Costello + The Attractions – Just A Memory

July 16, 2014 A big chunk of what makes me the person that I am is that I seventually learned about the ins and outs of record collecting, though it was an arduous trek on my on in the wilderness … Continue reading

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Record Review: John Foxx – Metamatic DLX RM [part 6]

John Foxx: Metamatic DLX RM – bonus material disc 2 [2018] Film One This City To Be With You Cinemascope Burning Car Glimmer Mr. No Young Love 20th Century My Face Underpass [radio edit] No-One Driving [single version] Like a … Continue reading

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Rock GPA: Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark [part 45]

Orchestral Manœuvres In The Dark – Navigation:  The OMD B-Sides | 2001 – 3.5 [continued from previous post] No sooner did we obtain the “Peel Sessions” disc than did Virgin announce another raiding of the OMD archives. And this time, … Continue reading

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Song Of The Day: The Human League – Seconds

Last week I had a yen to pull out The Human League’s “Dare” and give it a good couple of spins. Credit having my head in the Jo Callis bucket lately [more on that later] and that ultimately took me … Continue reading

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