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Song of the Day, wherein I share songs stuck in my head with readers.

Song Of The Day: David Bowie – “This Is Not America”


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80s Soundtrack Week: Tuesday – “Party Party” GER CD

Today’s album came from much earlier in the decade and came from a completely different mindset. Instead of US teens living in the “alternative music” scene of the mid-80s, our next soundtrack was from a British holiday comedy about a … Continue reading

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Song Of The Day: The Specials – Ghost Town

The Specials: Ghost Town US 12″ [1981] Ghost Town [extended version] Why? [extended version] Friday Night Saturday Morning “Ghost Town” was a non-LP single by The Specials that made a really big impact in 1981. The song was inspired by … Continue reading

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Song Of The Day: The Blow Monkeys – Atomic Lullaby

Today I have this early single by The Blow Monkeys coursing through my circuits. The last few Saturdays have seen me drawn to the middle period house phase of the band where they were the only British New Wave band … Continue reading

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Song Of The Day: The Human League – Seconds

Last week I had a yen to pull out The Human League’s “Dare” and give it a good couple of spins. Credit having my head in the Jo Callis bucket lately [more on that later] and that ultimately took me … Continue reading

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Song Of The Day: David Werner – What’s Right

In 1979 I was still listening to FM Rock. I had started the previous year and while the preponderance of nascent Classic Rock [just as it was fully calcified and ready to spread like a virus across the FM airwaves] … Continue reading

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Song of the Day: Blondie – T-Birds

Blondie: Autoamerican US CD [1987] Europa Live It Up Here’s Looking At You The Tide Is High Angels On The Balcony Go Through It Do The Dark Rapture Faces T-Birds Walk Like Me Follow Me I know, I know. It’s … Continue reading

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