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Releases that get the scrutiny of The Post-Punk Monk.

Landscape Are Preparing Comprehensive Boxed Set Of God With “Landscape-A-Go-Go”

Last week I received an email from commenter Richard Anvil who managed to strike gold in his internet travels. We share many music obsessions and the great Technopop band Landscape was among them. He ran across a current Landscape website … Continue reading

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With “Release,” Pet Shop Boys Made Their Laurel Canyon Album Thirty Years Late [part 2]

[…continued from last post] After the five worst Pet Shop Boys songs I’d ever heard, I was astonished when “The Samurai In Autumn” emerged from the speakers. It proffered a subtle, glitchy, rhumba beat over a classic PSB sustained string … Continue reading

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With “Release,” Pet Shop Boys Made Their Laurel Canyon Album Thirty Years Late [part 1]

I’ve mentioned that I went off Pet Shop Boys almost through their “Very” campaign back in 1993-1994. This was primarily down to their techno DJ styled single remixes which were very [a bitter “hah!] repetitive and reductive. So by some … Continue reading

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Those First Impressions: Yello – “I.T. Splash” Yellow Vinyl 12″ Reissue

I’ve loved Yello since that fateful night in 1980 when I heard their debut Ralph Records single on WUSF-FM. They were a college radio station with a Friday night New Wave show that I could barely receive on my stereo, … Continue reading

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How In The Hell Did I Ever Own: Wham! U.K. – “Fantastic?”

I’m the first to admit it: I’m hardly the hippest one in the room! I’ve made mistakes and musical gaffes that I can look back on and wonder, “what was I thinking, there?” Growing up I just soaked up US … Continue reading

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Jan Linton Blitzes New Year With Trio of Singles

Last year, I was deeply smitten by Linton’s “Melatonin” EP and we didn’t have to wait too long for the follow up. On the 29th of December, Linton issued “Always The Last To Dream,” an instrumental remix of that as … Continue reading

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Essential Logic’s “Logically Yours” Boxed Set Compiles Lora Logic’s Career and Brings It Up To Date [part 2]

The next album was the “Aerosol Burns” And Other Misdemeanours” collection. This was a collection of the ten A/B-sides from 1978 and 1981 not already accounted for on the first two LPs. “Aerosol Burns” was the debut, which felt like … Continue reading

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