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New Wave was a great time to be compiling albums of various artists.

A Young Person’s Guide To Shock’s “Angel Face”

I posted a brief “Song of the Day” post on Shock’s “Angel Face” way back at the dawn of this blog, and now that I finally got the 12″ single of the electro classic, as well as the 2010 remix … Continue reading

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Peter Godwin And A Host Of New Wave Peers Cover The Classics For Houston’s Numbers Night Club

Yesterday we were citing hot music tips from another blogger. Often it’s the commenters and readers of PPM that set me straight with the contact form in the top menu. Fred from the Netherlands asked if I was aware of … Continue reading

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REDUX: New Wave Comps: We Do ‘Em Our Way

August 5, 2014 Various: We Do ‘Em Our Way UK LP [1980] Sex Pistols: (We’re Gonna) Rock Around The Clock Devo: Satisfaction (I Can’t Get Me No) The Golant Pistons: Friday On My Mind Sex Pistols: (I’m Not Your) Stepping … Continue reading

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REDUX: A Young Person’s Guide To: No Wave

August 1, 2014 Various Artists: No Wave US PicDisc LP [1978] U.K. Squeeze: Take Me I’m Yours The Police: Roxanne Joe Jackson: Got The Time Klark Kent: Don’t Care The Secret: I’m Alive The Stranglers: Bring On The Nubiles U.K. … Continue reading

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Song Of The Day: David Werner – What’s Right

In 1979 I was still listening to FM Rock. I had started the previous year and while the preponderance of nascent Classic Rock [just as it was fully calcified and ready to spread like a virus across the FM airwaves] … Continue reading

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Record Review: Richard Blade’s Flashback Favorites – Vol 6

Various: Richard Blade’s Flashback Favorites – Vol 6 US CD [2014] The Suburbs: Music For Boys (Remix) 3D: X Ray Eyes Mi Sex: Computer Games (Extended Mix) Nina Hagen: Universal Radio (Universal Dance Mix) Bollock Brothers: Harley David The Chameleons: … Continue reading

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It’s Immaterial Prehistory In Need Of Compiling…Can It Be Done?

Yesterday we looked at the much-needed compilation of the first album period on Circa/Virgin by It’s Immaterial, but by that time, the band had a four year history that had gone all over the indie label map. Of course, the … Continue reading

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