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Has It Been A Dozen Years on WordPress Already?

Gosharootie. I just logged into my dashboard this morning for a look under the hood of PPM and to what to my won’dring eyes did appear, but a badge proclaiming that I’d been blogging on WordPress for a stately dozen … Continue reading

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2021: The Year In Buying Music

Every year I say it. I’m like a broken record repeating, ad nauseum …the same old, same old. But it’s always so difficult to actually achieve what I spout out. every year. Without fail. Here’s exactly what I said last … Continue reading

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Coming Next Week: Gleaming Spires Week

Next week we will be diving deep into Omnivore Recordings’ ambitious program of DLX RMs of the three Gleaming Spires albums on the silver disc. And to cap it off, we’ll have an interview with David Kendrick where we discuss … Continue reading

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Part 7 Of “Vienna” 40th Anniversary Box Will Have To Wait

Things are hurly-burly right now in Monk-Land®. Not only have I not had internet at work last week due to IT issues [the team always seem to be hitting the server during lunch], and then I took last Thursday day … Continue reading

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Ten Years Of Post-Punk Monk On This Day

Yow! It was exactly a decade ago today when I crossed that line in the sand and decided to begin blogging about music. I was not an early convert to the notion. This was basically down to the idea that … Continue reading

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POST 2000: Skafish Debut Album Reissued On Wax For A New Generation

We just got word from Skafish central that the wheels are turning for the DLX RM on LP of the debut Sakfish album will be happening in roughly a month. You may remember the months long saga that told the … Continue reading

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Without Lunch Hours, It’s Uncharted Waters For Post-Punk Monk

Almost 2000 postings into this blog over the last 9+ years and right now one of the foundations that has allowed me to pursue this interesting activity is about to end for a while. That is, my lunch hours. I … Continue reading

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