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There’s No Telling When This Blog Will Reactivate

Events conspire to keep me from blogging for a little while longer. Working long hours with no lunch. Traveling for concerts. Getting sick. Getting conjunctivitis on top of getting sick. This is my universe. Still waiting for a good night’s sleep … Continue reading

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Guest Blogging Now that I have two seconds to catch my breath, I’d like to thank chasinvictoria for his extensive coverage of his Heaven 17/B.E.F. concert extravaganzas that he experienced last year, as Heaven 17 are on the cusp of … Continue reading

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NEWSFLASH! Potential Guestblogging Imminent!

Things have been squirrelly around here lately but they are about to get… different. I’m on a mini-vacation from tomorrow until the middle of next week, and my wife saw an email from chasinvictoria before I did offering to guest … Continue reading

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Project [Anti-] Mersh

Gott Im Himmel!! I just viewed this blog without being logged into Administrator mode for the first time in… years and saw ads posted by the host on the post I was looking at [see above]. I honestly didn’t know! … Continue reading

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Server Maintenance Wipeout

Server maintenance while blogging wiped out a half-written post before the WordPress UI disappeared altogether after I had re-written the first paragraph of the post. Then it warned me not to touch my back button for at least five minutes and … Continue reading

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I Should Have Written About This Album Yesterday…

That’s because today, this is post number 1000. And try as I might, I only have a single track by 999 on a compilation. You’ve got one guess, and you’re right. It was June 24 of 2010 when I started … Continue reading

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I’m Still Here…

It’s just that my life has spun out of control on the ice. When I get a lunch hour at work, I’ll be back. – 30 –

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