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Without Lunch Hours, It’s Uncharted Waters For Post-Punk Monk

Almost 2000 postings into this blog over the last 9+ years and right now one of the foundations that has allowed me to pursue this interesting activity is about to end for a while. That is, my lunch hours. I … Continue reading

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A Special Note To b*bl*fr**d*

Your domain has been blacklisted personally by me. You are the only spammer to have triggered my hand in this way. Your spam has long ceased to clog up up my very accurate spam filters; it has been directed instead … Continue reading

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Chaos Theory In Practice

Can you resist the jolly, CANDY-LIKE Random Post Button® at the right hand side of this page?! A new widget button has been added to this website that provides function that I have wanted for a loooooong time. Clicking this … Continue reading

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Further Apologies

I was taking a transcontinental plane ride a week ago and was writing the capper to my “Metamatic” DLX RM review [that’s still hanging in midair as we type] and I was planning on running the first half of it … Continue reading

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Ruth Miller of PO! and Polly Hancock Of The Popinjays Are Bringing A Woman’s Perspective To Punk

We welcome a new link to the sidebar today with PunkGirlDiaries getting the attention that they quite frankly have merited for months now, but I am so behind in writing posts. I first encountered them when Punkgirldiarist linked to a … Continue reading

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There’s No Telling When This Blog Will Reactivate

Events conspire to keep me from blogging for a little while longer. Working long hours with no lunch. Traveling for concerts. Getting sick. Getting conjunctivitis on top of getting sick. This is my universe. Still waiting for a good night’s sleep … Continue reading

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Guest Blogging Now that I have two seconds to catch my breath, I’d like to thank chasinvictoria for his extensive coverage of his Heaven 17/B.E.F. concert extravaganzas that he experienced last year, as Heaven 17 are on the cusp of … Continue reading

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