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Want List: xPropaganda – A Secret Place

Yikes! I just became aware of this two days ago, but if you will remember the gripping xPropaganda show we discussed in March, that was enough to blindside me severely. Now comes the news that of course the show was … Continue reading

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Heck Freezes Over, Melts, Then Re-Freezes Again: Gary Kemp Joins The Pink Floyd

I caught wind of this a few weeks ago when we were in the middle of the 30Days; 30 Albums thread, so this is the first time I’ve mentioned it in a post, but I saw on the morning of … Continue reading

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30 Days: 30 Albums | Orchestral Manœuvres In The Dark – Access All Areas

This album was conspicuously absent during the OMD Rock G.P.A. as it was always the most peripheral release of the band. I included all of the self-released live albums by the group but not this one. This was a BBC … Continue reading

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Ron-Kon II: A Memorial Tale – [Concert 2 At Rockaway] [part 10]

[continued from last post] We had about an hour to get to Rockaway after leaving Record Surplus. We maneuvered over there and spotted a nearby Starbucks so we went there first for a bathroom break and drink. L.A. has more … Continue reading

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Ron-Kon II: A Memorial Tale – [Record Man Orchestra Show #1] [part 8]

[continued from last post] The First Concert After we arrived at Brennan’s [once we figured out where to park] we began setting up the gear. It didn’t take too long to do. The pub had a lawn area outside where … Continue reading

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Ron-Kon II: A Memorial Tale – [more Rockaway] [part 7]

[continued from last post] Rockaway Records [continued] Going through the bins this afternoon, I finally came across something that I had been wanting since 1979. Cack when I was listening to FM Rock®, there were a number of syndicated recio … Continue reading

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Ron-Kon II: A Memorial Tale [part 5]

[continued from last post] After several hours at Amoeba, we were ready for some fuel. It was lunchtime and we meandered around the area until spotting a parking area that looked likely to have many dining choices nearby. Parking there … Continue reading

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