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It’s not all round, spinning things with music here at the Post-Punk Monk. We’re literate, too!

Book Week – The Clash: The Clash

I was not the biggest Clash fan around. I still have never heard their first or second albums [ducks] though I was aware of the first one from at least the point where it was released in the US. I … Continue reading

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Book Week – Grace Jones [Paul Morley]: I’ll Never Write My Memoirs

For a very long time, Grace Jones proclaimed that she would never release an autobio, until that point where she suddenly did; taking a famous lyric of hers from “Art Groupie” and turning it on its head. When “semi-famous model … Continue reading

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Book Week – Bettye Kronstad: Perfect Day; An Intimate Portrait Of Life With Lou Reed

I don’t plan on buying very many books these days. A far cry from my childhood when my mom used to complain that I spent any money she gave me on books instead of other, lesser things! Once, she gave … Continue reading

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Book Week – Matteo Torcinovich: Outside The Lines; Lost Photographs Of Punk & New Wave’s Most Iconic Albums

Today’s book was something I found remaindered last year that was an immediate hands-down “buy this book!” moment. Exceedingly rare are the volumes that I have bought instead of sold off in the last 20 years,but this one was strongly … Continue reading

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Book Week – Nicholas Pegg: The Complete David Bowie [2016 Ed.]

Surprise! Just when you thought it was more OMD postings in store for your eyeballs, I felt the spirit move me to finally have a theme week here based on all of the book reviews that I have been planning … Continue reading

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REDUX: Book Review: Richard Barone – Frontman | Surviving The Rock Star Myth

February 1, 2013 I always liked Richard Barone. I remember seeing a bit of the primeval video clip for his band The Bongos’ early single of T-Rex’s “Mambo Sun” and noting the band’s coolness. Around the same time [late ’81] … Continue reading

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REDUX: Book Review: In The Pleasure Groove | Love, Death + Duran Duran – John Taylor

November 7, 2012 I was dimly aware the ex-Duran guitarist Andy Taylor had written an autobio several years ago, but did I really want to hear the story of Andy “coke-face” Taylor? I never really liked his guitar playing in … Continue reading

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