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Second Childhood: David Bowie’s “Toy:Box” Is Arriving For His 75th Birthday

Bowiephiles were abuzz last Friday when the news of his fifth all-encompassing ultrabox covering the years 1992-2001 of his career dropped after years of speculation. These massive boxes were an annual event from 2015-2018, but went on hold for three … Continue reading

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Fiat Lux Making Up For Lost Time – Third Album “Twisted Culture” In The Works For November

I was just popping into the Bill Nelson forum last week to see what Bill had to say about the passing of Richard H. Kirk of Cabaret Voltaire. While he only played on one of their albums, of course Bill … Continue reading

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Record Review: Cabaret Voltaire – “Here To Go [Live Drum Jacknife Remix]” UK 12″

As we have been deep diving into the canon of Cabaret Voltaire in the wake of Richard Kirk’s surprising death last week, one record still on the racks in the Record Cell stands out to me for its relative scarcity … Continue reading

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Great Scots!! Altered Images Are Making That Very Difficult 4th Album…39 Years Later

Stop the presses! I just got a note from Gavin alerting me to the frankly astonishing news that Altered Images, the fine Scottish band of the early 80s who snuffed their career far too early for my tastes, are back…Back…BACK! … Continue reading

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Record Review: A Certain Ratio – “Sextet” UK LP [part 2]

[…continued from last post] Next came an even deeper dive into Brazillian Jazz with “Skipscada.” The trilling whistles did not let up throughout the song. In fact, they only intensified as the scatting vocal and the percolating rhythms built up … Continue reading

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Record Review: A Certain Ratio – “Sextet” UK LP [part 1]

A Certain Ratio: Sextet – UK – [white] LP – [2020] Lucinda Crystal Gum Knife Slits Water Skipscada Say One Run Down Rialto Below The Canal This was certainly an unexpected surprise. Sunday was my birthday, and on Saturday night, … Continue reading

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The Golden Era Of Tower Records Revisited In “All Things Must Pass” Documentary

I had probably heard about the making of this film, by Colin Hanks [scion of Tom] a few years back and my wife came to mention it to me recently as she was buying films on DVD for the library … Continue reading

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