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Record Review: The Waitresses – “King Biscuit Flower Hour Presents” US CD

The Waitresses: King Biscuit Flower Hour Presents – US – CD – [1997] Intro Quit No Guilt Wise Up I Could Rule The World If I Could Only Get The Parts I Know What Boys Like Pussy Strut Wasn’t Tomorrow … Continue reading

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Weird Formats: Before The DVD, There Was The CDV

Oh, but I used to be a bleeding edge kind of technology guy as a videophile guy with an abiding interest in the best quality available back then. I was always a ßetamax user, until S-VHS appeared and I could … Continue reading

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Record Review: Rachel Sweet – “Fool Around” GER. CD

Rachel Sweet: Fool Around – GER – DLX RM CD [1991] B-A-B-Y I Go To Pieces Who Does Lisa Like? Wildwood Saloon Stay Awhile Suspended Animation Sad Song It’s So Different Here Cuckoo Clock Strager In The House Pin A … Continue reading

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Uh Oh! Second Sparks Post In A Row With 2022 North American Tour Dates Just Announced

Wouldn’t you know it. Yesterday not 45 minutes after I posted the review of “The Sparks Brothers” film documentary on the Mael Brothers’ 50 year music career, than I received an email from the Sparks Maeling [ha-ha] list featuring the … Continue reading

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Sparks Brothers Film A Compelling Look At The Mael’s Creative Lives

After months of anticipation, the Summer Of Sparks® is finally underway when “The Sparks Brothers” was available on Video On Demand on July 9th in America. I missed the dicey Sundance Festival streaming and the film was not playing in … Continue reading

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40 Years Later, John Foxx Releases Companion Album to “The Garden” with “Church”

John Foxx: Church – UK – LP [2021] This Jungle Miles Away A Long Time Fog Swimmer I Swimmer II Swimmer III Swimmer IV Forty years ago, John Foxx released his album “The Garden” and it was one of my … Continue reading

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Record Review: Masami Tsuchiya – “Rice Music” UK LP

Masami Tsuchiya: Rice Music – UK – LP [1982] Rice Music Se! Se! Se! Haina-Haila Tao-Tao Neo-Rice Music Kafka Rice Dog Jam Secret Party Silent Object Night In The Park It was while investigating the Arcadia album last week that … Continue reading

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