Want List: Electronic Sound Issue 100 with “Futurism” 2xCD

electronic sound 100
A User’s Guide To The Future issue + 2xCD

As they say, “the future isn’t what it used to be!” To that end the brains at Electronic Sound magazine, the nexus of modern synthesized music, is celebrating its 1ooth issue by looking forward and asking leading lights like Martyn Ware, John Foxx, and Chris Watson their ideas of what’s in store as we hurtle towards the future at the speed of time.

But philosophy will only get us so far. The reason why we buy Electronic Music is for the bundled music! And this time it’s a pair of silver discs salted heavily with previously unreleased material by the following:

Meat Beat Manifesto: Lifeforms
Wrangler: Machines Designed (To Eat You Up)
Miss Grit: Follow The Cyborg
John Foxx : Science Fictions Movies
Transhuman Art Critics: Update The Future
Stone Giants: Metropole
Maria Uzor : People, Realise It
Glok : Somaside
Scanner: Road Gangs Of His Dirt
Hannah Peel : Goodbye Earth
Space Afrika: With Your Touch
Blancmange: Social Secretary
Nik Colk Void: Big Breather
Public Service Broadcasting: Der Rhythmus Der Maschinen
Ian Boddy : Tone 7
Moor Mother: We Got The Jazz
Gazelle Twin: Metro
D’Voxx: Telescreens
Future Conditional: Music 4 EveR-4
Benge: Flat Pack Jet Pack
Luke Sanger: Living Algorithms
Polypores: Non-Physical Light Beings
Patten: Fly

I only recognize nine of those artists [hint: old], but point me in the direction of an unreleased John Foxx track, and I’ve been known to bite! The issue with 2xCD is £13.99 with an additional £10.99 to fling it across the Atlantic to my mailbox. It’s nice to see a CD instead of a 7″ as the bundled music this time. The 7″ers can sometimes sell out in hours, but I’m betting the hipster kryptonite CDs will stick around for a little while at least. If one of these is calling out to you as well, then D.J. hit that button!

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18 Responses to Want List: Electronic Sound Issue 100 with “Futurism” 2xCD

  1. Gavin says:

    Gosh – three of those artists I will be seeing live on April 22 in Liverpool! Scanner,my dear friend, Polypores and Ian Boddy,all at the Tone Science event.
    Looks like a good collection of music!

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  2. Big Mark says:

    Looks great! I’ve ordered a few issues in the past, and I’ve now ordered this one.


    • postpunkmonk says:

      Big Mark – I can count on 1/2 issues per year that demand purchase. As costly as it is over here to obtain! The last issue had a Ladytron 7″ with “Mackie Messer” a.k.a. “Mac The Knife” on it, that was exclusive, but as much as I admire and enjoy Ladytron, I’m far from a collector. I had to let that one pass.


  3. alonewithstrangers says:

    I have a subscription so get them rain or shine but, whilst the 7″ records are very collectable, most of them sound relatively poor.

    That said, waiting to see the reaction to the Ultravox & Japan 7″ when they were finally announced was great. The UV one was – I think – before the Vienna box was formally announced so the level of fan excitement out there was wonderful.

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  4. I admit I am a sad synth anorak who will most likely get this solely for the unreleased John Foxx track, though I’m always happy to give a new Blancmange tune a try (though very little of his recent output has grabbed me). Hannah Peel of course also makes this one worth the wait and expense.

    I see that at least one of the bands is affiliated with our lovely commenters here, so I look forward to checking that out as well.

    I shall spend the time waiting for the mag and music to arrive chuckling over the exquisite coining of the phrase “hipster kryptonite” being used to describe CD s. Perhaps I shall build a cloak of these shiny things to ward off any vinyl villains who may darken my doorstep.

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    I have bought a few issues when it highlighted my 80s favourites like Soft Cell, Blancmange, Simple Minds and Ultravox so decided to buy the 100th issue for prosperity so it was a bonus to find Blancmange on the double CD obg with Neil Arthur’s protege Benge.
    I feel for you with cross Atlantic shipping. I had the same problem (US to UK though) buying a copy of Hypnogogue, the 26th album by Aussie legends The Church. The postage was dearer than the CD.


    • postpunkmonk says:

      Steven Edwards – Welcome to the comments! I think that the US to UK shipping pipeline is even worse than the other direction. The US right wing have been hobbling the US Postal Service for a generation [long story] in their attempt to privatize what was once a fantastic [and affordable] part of the commons [which they resent]. And surely you must have meant John Foxx’s protege Benge! Or possibly Stephen Mallinder’s protege Benge!


      • STEVEN EDWARDS says:

        Benge has done quite a bit of work with Neil in recent years. The have worked together on two albums as Fader and one as Near Future. He has also appeared on recent Blancmange albums such as Unfurnished Rooms and Commercial Break.


  6. AdeW says:

    Upon opening said issue, I see BEF Music for Stowaways is getting re issued this month, CD as well as vinyl.


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