Just Three Weeks Later Fluid Japan Serve A Fourth Sophisticated Single: “You Shut Down”

fluid japan - you shut down
Bandcamp | US | DL | 2023

Fluid Japan: You Shut Down – US – DL [2023]

  1. You Shut Down 5:11

Fluid Japan are not wasting any time in drip feeding us a series of elegant Art Rock singles. Their stunning “Afterlife” was released on March 10th and now there’s a follow up ready for our ears. It began with elegant string synth delicacy before Heather Heimbuch’s ethereal backing vocals swooped in and set the stage for the beat to begin in earnest while throbbing synths vacillated beneath it all. Then the muscular bass line from Greg Moreau took over the wheel to see this one taking off in a direction that felt like Xymox [a favorite of vocalist Todd Lewis] getting on like a house on fire with Simple Minds’ Derek Forbes. In 1984!

Vocally, Ms. Heimbuch ended up being closer to having duet vocals with Lewis this time. And all of the music this time was at the hands of the capable Mr. Moreau, who handled everything. The drop in the climax left the final word in the hands of the string synths and plaintive piano for a delicate finale. All three artists shared writing credits along with Walt Wistrand, who was not playing on this one as he had with “Afterlife,” but the consistency in the artistic vision and writing for Fluid Japan meant that the personnel on the music could shift and re-seat themselves without any commensurate change in the band’s elegant style and vibe. Lend your ears.

The group are still having Paul Gomersall master the results, so that meant the lush sound they favor was couched in the hands of a pro. I can only sit back and wait to soak up the further goodness awaiting us and it may have to come down to me compiling the results into an old fashioned album. Meanwhile, the latest single is on Bandcamp for the unbeatable price of “name your price.” If you want some of that, you know the score. Mr. D.J. hit that button.

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1 Response to Just Three Weeks Later Fluid Japan Serve A Fourth Sophisticated Single: “You Shut Down”

  1. Man, these guys really know how to punch our buttons, eh wot?

    Thanks muchly for continuing to bring us the latest on this fabulous new group!


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